Monday, December 31, 2012

wine bottle topper

My friend had a last minute open house on Saturday so I picked up a bottle of NJ cranberry wine and made this really fast topper for the bottle. Quick, simple and cute.  I used a Papertrey ink die for the cut out, MCT stamp and odds and ends papers.

Yesterday was a fabulous day. I haven't done tons of running this holiday with this terrible sinus, ear and now chest congestion but I ran yesterday!!! I went to brunch with my son at cheesecake factory and then we hit tons of stores followed by dinner with my mom. I love spending the day with him. I miss him living home.

I do feel that I turned the tide and am starting to get better... It's been 3 weeks since it started but I feel I am finally makin progress in the right direction with this bug!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

another happy hexagon

I also used a fillable frame die with matching stamp from papertrey ink.

Friday, December 28, 2012

In love....

I am in love with my happy hexagon stamp set and coordinating die from Papertrey ink!! I got it from my daughter for Christmas...okay I asked for it but you don't always get everything you ask for. I got to play a little last night to create this card. It takes a while to stamp all the hexagons but it is that perfect mindless work that is so relaxing if you know what I mean. You are gonna see a lot more hexagons coming up. PS the happy birthday stamp should have been a little lower for balance but hey its hand made and not perfect.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas...late

Merry Christmas! I am late posting due to just trying to get better. I took the few extra days before Christmas to just read and relax. Christmas day I felt worse then ever so back to the doctor I went yesterday. I have a new antibiotic that I hope will kill this sinus and ear infection once and for all. I feel like I have been sick forever...3 weeks is a long time! Yesterday was nasty weather and I just wanted to play with my new cricut cartridges but my daughter was sleeping and the machine sometimes wakes her up so I spent the day editing all my Holiday photos and creating storyboard picture collages. When my daughter got up for work I finally started to play. She got me the Imagine Better Together cartridge so I used it to make 6 thank you cards I need to send out. 3 I used stickles, 3 I used glossy accents. I used the gelly role stardust pen on both and some pop-ups. I got create a critter 2 and some fun papertrey ink stamps for Christmas... Wish I could play more today but I am off shortly to take my SIL for a procedure on her knee.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The week before...

No matter how much I do ahead for the holidays the week before is my baking week. I try and do a little something everyday. Saturday night I made 4 pounds of spiced pecans. 2 pounds for my SIL and 2 for me. Sunday I went to church, had Christmas play tickets with my mom, went to dinner with her after, went back to church for a carol sing on the church lawn(okay porch cause it was sprinkling) came home and mixed up the cream cheese cookies to freeze in logs to slice and back later this week. Today I went to work, rushed out to the doctor after. I have infected sinuses and a double ear infection. Gee....I feel like one of my students. I headed back to church for the Monday third meal. We had extra people to feed tonight cause my church is hosting some homeless families this week. I mashed a ton of potatoes I tell ya and washed a ton of dishes. I came home and made a batch of coconut macaroons, some with chocolate kisses pressed in the center. While I have the cookies in the fridge for the chocolate to harden I made these toppers for 2 snack sized bags filled with the spiced pecans for the secretaries at work. The folded shape is a stock image on the imagine. I filled it with color from snow angels. The flower pot image is from that cart as well with some stickles added. I also cut letters on the silhouette for an over sized envelope I had to make using my Martha Stewart scoring board. My kids got their uncle a Harley Davidson Gift card for xmas and the blooming card in an over sized card with no envelope??? Really???

Tomorrow night is a double batch of oatmeal lace cookies...My kids current favorite. They take for ever to make cause the spread out so much you have to really space on the pan then you have to allow them to cool slightly on the pan before you try to lift on... I cook them on parchment paper.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Heavy Heart

I've had a huge heavy heart since Friday. As a kindergarten BSI teacher my heart is broken. I'm going through the motions right now but feelin anger at the news journalist putting microphones in front of kids who have just endured the unimaginable. I will go to work tomorrow with a renewed sense of responsibility for student safety. Next week is supposed to be baking cookie week. I hope I can lift my spirit to get it done.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

hit a dead end

Wow I was on a crafting high... till tonight. Got home tonight at 6:30 after several meetings after school (I can leave at 2:30 but we all know teachers who leave on time just bring work home to work on around their families schedules) and what do I have... The sinus headache from.... we won't say!!! I was hoping to finish my layout sets for Thursday but its not to be. I'm gonna semi recline and watch me some HGTV then hit the sack by 9. That should fix me up for teaching my sister-in-law how to make spiced pecans for the holidays tomorrow night.

Birthday gift bag

The stickles on this got a few blobs but I'm using it anyway. The stamp is from stampin up. I used the sweet treats cricut cart and the Imagine Mr. Frosty. It is to coordinate with a craft colored card base card I made with cupcakes a while back.

Monday, December 10, 2012


I finally got some quality crafting time. Yesterday I glittered the inside of these balls, then let them dry overnight before before putting the tops on. Tonight I cut and applied the vinyl. I caught up my smash book and worked on a layout set to put together on Thursday night at scrapbooking. Of course I took a big pack of green card stock into school I bought at staples and that is the color I need to finish the layout. LOL ALWAYS right??? I also played with my Imagine last night. I haven't done a print and cut in a while. I'll try and post that picture tomorrow.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gift card holders

I have two different gift card holder dies. One from MCT and one from papertrey ink. I used the Papertrey tonight because I am actually going to tuck cash in these instead of gift cards this year and I think this one will hold money better. I am giving money to the great tween nieces and nephews for a  few more options then a specific store gift card. I used papertrey ink paper for its heavy weight. A small splash of pattern paper from my stash and some fun snow globe stickers my daughter picked up. My daughter collects snow globes and told me to use these on all her presents LOL! the banner on the inside was a die from the MCT just simply live stamp/die set. I will fold the flap down and write in white gel pen that love me :-)

I finally started my new smash book tonight! :-)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Busy but some crafting

My son is on a limited budget this year but he still wanted to get co-workers a little something for the Holidays. He bulk ordered this handmade soap from Philly. We got some twine and then I cut about 30 tags....more than he needed but he will have enough. A nice little something I think. Its the thought that counts.

I'm just about done shopping for Christmas. I am about half wrapped. My house is decorated and both trees are up. I have been a busy bee...My skinny tree in the living room I put all my lenox ornaments on this year and trimmed it in gold. I think it looks nice.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

sympathy card

I stamped probably a dozen or more flower images with my create a garden stamp set during Hurricane Sandy. I have been slowly, with slow being the optimal word making them all up into sympathy or note cards. I finally got my yard raked last Sunday after church and this weekend I need to tackle my moms. I am cooking for 9 on Thursday. Tomorrow is early dismissal then I have tons of things to start getting ready for Thanksgiving. I actually for the first time put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. My daughter works Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and likes to help so I said okay. (I generally spend ALL day black Friday putting up decorations. )When you have someone in the family working in the medical field then you need to learn to adjust your traditions. She will sleep most of Thanksgiving away, I will wake her up for dinner at 4 then she will be off to the hospital for another 12 hour shift.

Monday, November 12, 2012

bad blogger

I've been a bad blogger! I've actually been a bad crafter... Just not feeling it lately but I am beginning to get some ideas swirling in my head so hoping I get some craft time soon. Tonight I wrapped xmas gifts. All my daughters. I need to get boxes and wrap my sons. I did a ton of online shopping today and I got almost all the fixins for Thanksgiving. I had spent the day with my SIL and it felt good to be with her and spend some time.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

post hurricane Sandy

I was due back to work on Wednesday post Sandy and woke up at 4:30 am with a stomach bug and fever.... Kinda knocked my socks off. Slept away most of three days. I emerged to the land of the living yesterday behind in everything. But I'm still thankful that somehow we seemed to have a bubble of protection over us here with all the destruction in the state.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Good-bye Sandy

Lucky here! Kept our electric so the basement did not flood. Some big branches down in the back yard but no major damage. I did make two of these cards yesterday while Sandy was pouring rain and wind on us. Inspired from pinterest. Not an original design. I used the sweet treats cart and a stampin up stamp. I also stamped a lot last night watching TV with my mom. I will have lots of images to make up into cards in the next week.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I was a negligent crafter last week. Friday after work I spent trying to prepare my basement in the event of a power failure and my sump pump not working. Saturday I went to NYC for Columbia University Reading and Writing Project workshops. LOOONNNGGG day! Today after church it was clean the gutters and make sure there was nothing in the yard to blow and do damage. My mom has agreed to come and stay for the duration of the storm so I don't have to worry about her. YAY! Major feat she usually resists! So Now all we can do here in South Jersey with the storm approaching is pray that all will be safe. Things can be replaced. People cannot. I hope every in the barrier islands is listening to the instructions to evacuate.

Monday, October 22, 2012

pinterest note cards

I saw this note card design a while ago on pinterest and added it to my board for future reference. Well fast forward... I made 14 of these in various colors for a birthday gift. I used plantin schoolbook for the circle, elegant edges for the scalloped circle and storybook font for the C. Swiss dots embossing folder.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What a week

For some reason the third week of every month means meetings out every night. Then my son came home for a 4 day weekend visit. Phew I am exhausted. I did manage to make this card the other night. I got the image from the silhouette store. My daughter's co-worker was having a formal sweet 16 for his daughter with a masquerade theme. I thought this image was perfect and the colors are similar to the ones used in the invitation.

I went to Atlantic City this morning to Christmas shop with my SIL and my son. Got a big dent in his gifts. He is so tall, thin and picky I just have him try on and pick out. (I got my xmas club on October 1) I like to be done the lion share of shopping by Thanksgiving. I HATE rushing and pushing in stores at the holidays. I like to ENJOY the holidays.

Also, we were cutting through Caesars casino on the way from the pier shopping mall back to the parking garage. I put 4.00 in a penny machine and won 80.00. WOOT, WOOT!! It just about paid for the new winter coat I bought myself on sale at the Columbia outlet!!! Gosh I got so excited! I quickly cashed out an left before I was tempted to put any more money in the machine.

Right now I am working on note cards for a birthday gift. I got the idea for them from pinterest I'll post pictures when they are done.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1st attempt

This is my first attempt at a pumpkin decoration I have seen floating on several blogs. Its for one of the office secretaries to put on her desk. I am honing my skills here to make a table centerpiece of various sized pumpkins for Thanksgiving. I would definitely go with solid color ones for that but I was being playful with the pattern paper since my school is pre-k and k. This pumpkin is small. I got 4 scalloped circles on a 12 X 12 page. It takes 8 circles to make the pumpkin. I am not sure I like the look of the stem. I will need to experiment with that. I just kind of added the tags to give it color to simulate leaves. Obviously when I get to the real centerpieces they will have paper leaves for decoration. This pumpkin took me no time at all...45 minutes tops. I'm not sure  using a circle shape is right. Maybe a slight oval on its side? Let the experimenting begin over the next few days. I went to Michaels after school and got lots of orange paper on sale .25 a sheet. You can't beat that.  oh I almost forgot that I embossed the orange pieces in the pumpkin playing around. This is probably the biggest I could make the pumpkin with embossing one side at a time. Disappointed with that since I like the embossing look but I wanted a few larger scale pumpkins for the centerpiece.

Monday, October 8, 2012


I used the Batman cart for the the batman image. I cut the The hulk from cuttin up cartoon font. I got the hulk image online in clip art.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scrappin night or not..

Well my group finally got together again tonight. I had prepped my 2 page layout. Cut all my cricut pieces. Got there had cut the shadow somehow a different font for all the letters. Decided to use my friends real batman logo instead of the make believe one so go home get my expression bring it back. cut and re-cut and cut and re-cut. Man I could not get anything right tonight. Run upstairs at the church for a meeting. Back down, mess up some more cuts. Didn't accomplish much but I had great fellowship with my scrapper friends and had Karen to keep reminding me when I had a mess up that it was only paper! LOL Some times things are just like that.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

soup making machine!!

I have no idea why but I have been in a soup making mood. Monday at my farm co-op I picked out great soup produce. Monday night it was butternut squash soup. Last night escarole and mini meatball soup, plus I prepped the crock pot for vegetable beef barley soup to take to our secretary after work that just had surgery. Came home from work it was done and delivered it. Then today it was potato leek soup. Oh my why have I never had this before. It was yummy. I started picking up leeks at the farm this summer and really liked them. I substituted them a lot in my grilled veggies instead of onions.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

xmas card

I saw the idea for this card on My Creative Time with Emma's blog so this is NOT and original design. I made four of them all similar but with small differences. I used her Warm holiday fun stamps and coordinating dies. I did heat embossing on the ornaments. The tag was cut using the tag from Just simply live set and the Merry Christmas stamp was from the gift card sentiments.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Get well card

One of our Secretaries at work had surgery on Thursday so I wanted to make her a card. I got to thinking while I was cleaning today that I needed to look at the cartridges I have hardly ever used. Florals Embellished fits that bill. My kids talked me into the cart when it was on sale cheap at ACMoore but I think I have only used it to make 1 card. So here is card two. I used Martha Stewart fine glitter on two of the layers. I also used MCT's teeny tag greetings stamp and dies set. I also used the divine swirls embossing folder on the background.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

funk non scrappin post

I have been in a bit of a crafting funk... Lots of work related things, yadda, yadda, yadda same ole but I think the big thing has been the monster in the closet for me... I got all those bad mammograms and I was trying to schedule the biopsy during my brothers funeral preparation.... then I needed major dental work. I actually had a melt down in the dentist when they took my blood pressure and it was high.. HELLO!!! Live my life right now. When I am stressed I run on schedules and them saying I couldn't have my dental work done messed with my schedule and I melted down and cried. OKAY love my dentist she is the best ever but how embarrassed am I to go back now. Went home and called doc and went in the next day to be put on temporary blood pressure meds till my life calms down. Fast forward to this week. I had the biopsy on Monday and I got the call that it was benign so I can RELAX and start putting things back together. I haven't been able to read or craft at night. I haven't been able to focus till I got the results. That's weird cause those are the two things I find calming. I also think I try to be a positive person and my worry about this biopsy was related to my brothers diagnosis with cancer and the family history with breast cancer. I'm gonna have nurse Darcy ck my blood pressure on Monday and then if all is good start the dental work. I have a major filling w/possible root canal and then off to the endodontist for a problem with an old root canal.. Can I say that after all the money for a crown and root canal that it is just wrong that something wasn't done right.... I am so thankful for my dental insurance but I get 1000. 00 on this big buck stuff. If you get one crown in a year everything else is out of pocket. You can choose a crown or a root canal and you can't have both... Gosh my dad had GREAT teeth... why did I get my moms tooth gene. I am doing everything I can to keep my teeth and not need dentures like my mom. Life is about challenges and how you handle them. Sometimes I do better than others that's why I am always trying to look up to get myself centered again because even when I think I am charge I am not!!!

FYI I know I have like no followers and maybe a couple people read my ramblings but posts like this are more to help me express myself given that I don't have a husband or life partner to bounce that frustration off of... Life is good. Enjoy each day as if it was your last.

Monday, September 24, 2012

This is the pool I found in my backyard when I came home from 10 days in Washington DC. Darling daughter and her friend put it up.... She did not keep up with taking care of it, surprise and this past weekend the crankiness out of her to take it down was not fun. It gets to cold here in the winter to leave it up and she KNEW that when she put it up!!! It is still not stored correctly but its in the garage and the liner is spread out cause it had some wet spots. Hoping it will dry completely and then we can pull it in the drive to fold better. Here I was hoping to park in the garage this winter with my son moved out and his furniture gone. BIG SIGH

I made this gift bag for a baby shower at work on Thursday. I think I showed the card for the shower a while ago. the bag matches the card. It was done using the Imagine Nursery Tails. I added stickles and glossy accents. These parents have decided to let the sex of the baby be a surprise so the card and bag are neutral.

Lastly today I had to take a personal day from work for a breast biopsy. Lets pray all is well.
The timing with finding out I needed this was right in the middle of planning my brothers funeral and then I had to wait 2 and 1/2 weeks for the procedure. I sure hope life settles down soon.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


What a day.... trying to clean and helping take down the pool that my daughter put up when I was away the beginning of July!!! Her projects always become my projects! Speaking of that I got sucked into helping try to figure out how to decorate cozies for her and her college friends going to Home Coming in a few weeks. She has her hotel room booked for the weekend. She and her college friend that lives near here had me helping to do these. At first we were going to cut a vinyl stencil and sponge paint on the cozies...Oh my too much work and not a good product. When attempting to remove the stencil we realized how well the vinyl actually stuck to the cozies so did the phrase with transfer tape instead. The phrase was cut on the silhouette at .36 font size. I forget what font I used. The other side will have each girls nickname written in glitter. I have no idea where the girls came up with this phrase.

Here's to the guys who love us Losers who've lost us & the lucky bastards who still get to meet us.

Loved my high school, college and early 20 years. I always tell them have fun and enjoy this time of life just be SAFE!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012

happy book pages

My nieces son celebrated his 6th birthday last weekend. It was nice to spend time with family on a happier occasion. I used the MCT Just simply live stamps and dies to create these pages. I specifically bought this set to use in my smashbook! I also used MCT all around birthday and I used a sentiment from the gift card sentiments.

BTW...I forgot to take a picture of that baby sign before I took it to work. Suprise baby gifts are happening until next week so maybe I'll try to remember then.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

yet 2 more flower cards

I promise these are the last flower cards for a while..LOL... Very busy with work and balancing making sure my mom and sister-in-law are okay... Both having a hard time which is to be expected...I had Back to School Night tonight. I came home and worked on a poster for my principal... I have to say I LOVE this guy!!! We had a terrible transition time between principals and this guy is a breath of fresh air... Young, enthusiastic, great innovative ideas, so much fun to go to work! Anyhow I digress yet again... His wife had a baby on Friday morning. The staff wants to present him with a basket on Thursday with baby goodies so I whipped out my Imagine to create a sign... It's drying with the stickles so I will take a picture tomorrow. Sadly I will not have my gift done by Thursday. I ran to ACMoore to get my mom yarn after school and came up with the idea that she should yet again make a sweater for me... LOL She loves to be busy,. Her legs don't work so good but her hands knit up a storm. Sadly she has said she doesn't know if she can do her jigsaw puzzles anymore. My brother Mike who passed would stop in maybe 3 times a week to chat and put a piece in her latest puzzle project. She can't seem to get herself to sit down and work on her puzzle right now. Who can blame her. She lost her son in less that 2 weeks from diagnosis of being sick.

Monday, September 10, 2012

another flower note card

Pretty much the same supply list as yesterday!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

create a garden set 2

I used up every single thank you card and note card that I had in my stash. I love using the create a garden set 2 from rubbernecker because no two cards ever come out the exact same. I worked on a few more note cards last night because I still need to send out a few thank you notes.
I used momento inks, some copics coloring on the pot, bee and butterfly, stickles, glossy accents and added after I took the picture jelly roll clear star.

This morning I have a union presidents brunch...Not a fan of this on Sunday especially because it will cause me to miss church. Then it is opening game for the Eagles!!!!!

Tomorrow I hit the ground running and start testing all the new registrations for kindergarten... I have like 39 to get done ASAP.... Keeping busy now is good so I look forward to it.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

xmas card

Card was inspired from My Creative Time with Emma blog and stamp set.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

time to regroup

Well my brothers services were yesterday. I took an extra day off from work today to regroup all my emotions. I think I will try to get back in my craft room. That always centers my world.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Saying goodbye

I took this picture of my brother on Easter of this year... I remember he was sitting on my moms steps talking to my brother Fred.. We took James Michael to the hospital really ill on August 17th. We learned over the next week that he was in liver failure.... then they thought liver cancer maybe a transplant or chemo to more tests that revealed he had advanced aggressive pancreas cancer that had spread throughout his body. We brought him home from the hospital on Monday the 27th because that is what he wanted. He passed peacefully today with our 91 year old mother at his side. I'm thankful that he passed quickly and wasn't in pain. He was 62 and a kind gently soul who was the one who took care of all my moms paperwork and planned all out outings to Cape May.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

busy, busy

I will update things when I can in the coming days/weeks. School is starting and my brother came home on hospice yesterday so I figure I am pretty much going to be there helping when I am not working for a while. Its been a whirlwind week since he went to the hospital sick. Kinda hard to wrap your head around it all happening so fast.

Friday, August 24, 2012

pinterest inspired card

I have made a few of these in several color combo's. I saw it on pinterest and just loved it. I do not know the originator of the design. I'm not feeling particularly original right now but need to craft. I cut the squares on the cricut at 1.25, then used the creative memories 1" and 3/4" for the circles. The cake stamp is from MCT all around birthday but I was careful not to ink the candle on top because it wouldn't fit in the circle. I colored with copic's and spectrum noir. The circles  are popped out but you can't really see that in this photo.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Internet inspired

I found a card online for inspiration for this card. I don't remember who to give credit. Lots of times when I see things I like I save the image in an inspiration file. I needed to keep busy last night to take my mind off things so I made this for my good scrapping friend Susan who had knee replacement this week. The papers were DCWV Linen Closet. The cricut cut was from beyond birthdays.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cancer Sucks!

Okay I hate when people use the words sucks... I kinda find it offensive. Like when I was little we were never allowed to say the word fart....It was a no, no...You could say stinker, or passed gas but not fart.

Well...My brother has an aggressive form of cancer and he is going down hill so fast. Today was the really, really official announcement although the doc's did say it was suspected. He had a biopsy today to find out the kind and what stage... REALLY. I think I already know it is stage 4 but whatever! Anyhow when it comes to cancer I break my rule and use the word SUCKS.

One of the hardest things I ever did was going to my 91 year old moms and telling her about her son. Sometimes life isn't fair and just stinks!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Painting is done

The painting is done and the room is cleaned. I am just waiting for the replacement window and blackout shades (my daughter works nights) I ordered to arrive, then my daughter can move in from her old room.  In trying to finish up the painting my 2nd oldest brother and the one I am closest to was hospitalized. Friday night/Saturday am a little scary because he was transported to a bigger specialized hospital for treatment. My sis and I were driving at 4 am using gps in torrential rain to find the hospital but we made it.... He is still undergoing lots of tests and is really weak.  At this point all we can do is pray that the doctors can heal him.

When I am upset I need to keep busy... Sunday night I cleaned the house till 11pm... yesterday I went in and almost completely finished setting up my classroom before going to the hospital. This morning I am slowing down a bit as I guess the first wave of adrenaline is wearing off. I'm waiting for my sis in law to call to find out what the plan is for today. He might be moved from Lourdes to Cooper for a test then back. If so no sense in going till he is back. With medicine you kinda just have to have patience and trust that they know what they are doing....(Doesn't mean I don't ask lots of questions along the way!!!)

My scrapping buddy Susan is undergoing knee replacement today so lots of prayers going her way!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Imagine Baby Shower Card

I haven't done a print and cut for a while on my Imagine because I have been preoccupied with my silhouette classes but I need a baby card for a shower when work starts. I realized this is the first time I have done a baby card where the parents don't know the sex in a long time. My coworker and her husband want to be surprised. She took a leave of absence for this school year with her due date in early October. I used the Imagine Nursery Tails, glossy accents, stickles and various stamps. Now I need to get the yarn for my mom to make a sweater...

Off to paint a ceiling....Yuck the worst part.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I like schedules. I like to plan out what I am going to do and do it... hehehe I used to drive my ex crazy because if I was around the local mall shopping I planned my route to the surrounding shopping centers to always make right turns to avoid the left turn across traffic. It drove him crazy so yes I wasn't the easiest to live with but hey I WAS a good wife :-) I digress.... I planned out the painting schedule... yesterday was to be clear out what my son left for me to box and prep room turned into yesterday clear out and box what was left...grrr more than I thought. Really why is he keeping all these college books that are already outdated??? Into my cavern basement they go. Today was supposed to be paint the ceiling.... no it was Spackle, take one of the windows to get measured for replacement cause there is moisture in there, wash down the walls and baseboards, tape everything out, shop for the paint and new blinds, oh and take my mom for an ultra sound of her carotid artery. So why do I make schedules that are unrealistic? Beats me but it gives me piece of mind... I have a card to post tomorrow once I assemble when it's dry. I try to use all the machines I buy. I have not used the print feature on my imagine in a while so tomorrow the card will be an imagine one. Oh and paint the ceiling and the next day the walls and the next......hehehe I am already adjusting my new schedule.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Where does it go when you have no schedule? I start the summer adhering to a schedule and it always falls apart. This summer more than most since I was addicted to the Olympics and stayed up way late every night to watch them. I broke my toe so can't walk in the am so I sleep in... Then the pattern repeats of staying up late... I did craft on the weekend. I made a total scrap lift card from pinterest for my friend. There was nothing original about it so I will not post it here. I caught up my happy book. Had lots of things from the last week to add.... I have about 9 pages left in the book so that means I have had lots  of happiness since January. The book really is doing it's job because when I go back and look at the pages I really do feel happy reliving the memories... Its a great way to keep your life going in a positive direction. Sometimes I add pictures, sometimes just journal and always add any memorabilia I collect from an event. It's my personal version of project life but on a simpler level.

Today is clear out my sons room... I have procrastinated this all summer and time is running out to paint it. Changing it means my little guy is really GONE!!! okay I know it's a good thing for him but when he left for college it stayed his shrine, when he got his job in NYC I didn't change it. Then he lost his job and was home for 2 years.... Now he is back out there and I am so happy. Since my daughter moved home after college she would like the bigger room. She has a great job but is not ready to move out and I am okay with that. So she picked out her colors and new bedding and my little/big guys room will be gone. My daughters old room will be converted to a guest room for when he or anyone else visits.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby Card

Okay this card was pinterest inspired but I did change it up a bit. I haven't been to original lately but I keep plugging along. Anyway... I wanted to do the bib but with all my cricut cartridges I had only one bib and it was on the paper doll and didn't really give me the layer I wanted so... I cut a scalloped circle with elegant edges and the circle with plantin schoolbook. I embossed the circle then attached it to the scallop. I then put a cup on the back of the card to give me the semi circle I wanted lined up with the scallops and traced it and cut by hand. The girl was cut from all mixed up. I then added stickles, ribbon and brads... The inside says... Welcome to the world!

silhouette element

I learned how to create this silhouette element on Sunday from my Kerri Bradford class. Oh the possibilities with attaching words to shapes... I will have to practice more to commit the steps to memory. You do some welds and some compound paths to create. I put this in my happy book with journaling about my birthday. Errand day today then dinner with a bunch of my co-workers that I haven't seen since school got out. Oh and I need to make a baby card. My co-worker scheduled for a section on the 23rd decided to come a little early :-) So happy for her and her family after she miscarried at 5 months last year.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm back....

 I was away since Monday. I went to a summer leadership conference. I learned a lot and had tons of laughs at the evening social gatherings. Here are pictures of a layout I did on Sunday. I worked on my cameo class so practiced all the good stuff I learned to make these 3 layered titles. The photo templates are from Kerri Bradford done in photoshop.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

last flower cards

My crafting ADHD is getting the best of me... I went from multiples of flower cards to Friday night working for hours on some picture collages in photoshop elements to yesterday working for several hours on my online class I purchased by Kerri Bradford to REALLY learn  how to use all the creative features of the silhouette Cameo.... I wonder what kind of trouble I will get into today after church. It will have to be a quiet something because my daughter works tonight and will be sleeping all day.

Saturday, August 4, 2012