Monday, July 29, 2013

Christmas in July

I made a dozen of these last week.. I was a tad disappointed in the crispness of the cutting lines.. I did double cut on the silhouette but it was papertrey in card stock and that is so super thick..oh well it is what it is. It took me 2 evenings around my daughters sleep schedule to get them done... I find I am crafting less because I can't use my machines when she is sleeping. Often by the time she leaves for work and I have the kitchen cleaned up from dinner I have lost my craft inspiration!!! Oh well we will find a compromise. I worked on my happy book tonight at caught it up to 7/20... I printed the pictures from then till now to try to finish them up real soon...

I turned in all the curriculum mapping work I have been working on today. I am completely free for the next 3 weeks till I go on my mission trip... My son is on vacation next week and will be staying at my MIL's beach house where my ex now lives. I might go to lbi for the day to be with him.. Don't think I can stay over with him there though... too creepy!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another Rosie Posie

I don't really get why the Rosie Posie stamp set has all those hexagon shapes on one side then flowers on the other. Doesn't make sense to me... I keep thinking that I made a card really similar to this before but if my memory serves me well it was a sympathy so this is a little different...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Rosie Posie

Last week on one of the blistering 90 plus humid days I played around for a few hours with the Rosie Posie Paper Trey ink stamp set. I stamped all kinds of color combos of the hexagons. Note to self in the future don't bother trying to stamp diagonal down the paper it ends up just looking crooked. These are just 2 of many I made. The hexagon punch is creative memories.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Another get well

We have been slowly cleaning out my dear friend Linda's crafting supplies she stored at church. Really hard to believe even after all this time she is gone. I found this old  stampin up stamp set in her things. It really was just so her and every time I will use it I will think of her.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Get Well Card

My daughter went in my card stash the other day and yelled, "Mom, there's no get well cards in here except ugly ones!" She was right! This card was inspired from pinterest and really simple... I made multiples. The get well stamp scale is a little off. It should be bigger but it's what I had. My other one was to big. It looks less off in person. The get well soon is MCT and the flower stamp is from create a garden 2 from rubbernecker. The border punch was stampin up. I'm finding that I stamp more during the day if my daughter is sleeping for work because its something I can do that is quiet. We live in a 4 bedroom 1950's rancher and the spare bedroom is my craft room and the sound just travels. My cricut and cameo bother her when she is sleeping. The joys of living with someone who works night shift.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

organizing paper

Last week I spent an entire afternoon and most of an evening sorting and purging my 12 X 12 scrapbook paper. The top rack now contains all my colored paper sorted by color. The bottom is almost all of my pattern paper. I have a couple of seasonal stacks for Christmas and the fall that won't fit. The pattern paper is organized two ways. One container is all seasonal. (Easter, valentines, etc...) The rest is all in color families. Next on my agenda is organizing embellishments. Oh and I am not allowed to buy anymore paper cause this is just my 12 X 12... I have tons of small stacks for card making.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

blogging break

I took a long blogging break...First it was the busy time at the end of school, then I went to Atlanta for 9 days, now things are finally settling down. I have been crafting. My happy book and scrapbooks are up to date. My Atlanta trip book is almost complete. I am waiting for some supplies I ordered to finish it. I have made the decision to combine my happy book and my  regular scrapbook into one format. using project life pocket pages and adding my full page scrap pages when it's a big event. I have about 4 more smash pages and then I will switch over. Mine will not be weekly. I will just add things as I go. I am not worried that I am not starting January 1 or mid year. I will start when I start. LOL!

This is a card I made before I went to Atlanta so my daughter would have it on her birthday. I got home the day after this year but we celebrated big anyway!!!