Saturday, September 22, 2012


What a day.... trying to clean and helping take down the pool that my daughter put up when I was away the beginning of July!!! Her projects always become my projects! Speaking of that I got sucked into helping try to figure out how to decorate cozies for her and her college friends going to Home Coming in a few weeks. She has her hotel room booked for the weekend. She and her college friend that lives near here had me helping to do these. At first we were going to cut a vinyl stencil and sponge paint on the cozies...Oh my too much work and not a good product. When attempting to remove the stencil we realized how well the vinyl actually stuck to the cozies so did the phrase with transfer tape instead. The phrase was cut on the silhouette at .36 font size. I forget what font I used. The other side will have each girls nickname written in glitter. I have no idea where the girls came up with this phrase.

Here's to the guys who love us Losers who've lost us & the lucky bastards who still get to meet us.

Loved my high school, college and early 20 years. I always tell them have fun and enjoy this time of life just be SAFE!!!

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