Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wedding planner

Okay I used this site:
to help me plan what I was going to do.

I used the titles suggested. I only have the title page glued down but all the letters are cut ready to go for the other titles listed on the site...example: invitations & thank you's etc. I used apple chancery font 144 pt to cut the letters on my silhouette.  The flower on this title page is not attached. I am just kinda laying out embellishment ideas.

My idea is to have each section in a binder with blanks pages behind for the bride to add her planning. I saw these Martha Stewart tags to add to the side of the title page for each section at staples the other day I think will work great.. got lots of gluing and embellishing to get done for June 9th!

My daughter picked out the pages and some of the flower embellishments that we will roll with when assembling.

Movers to arrive tomorrow 7 am to move my son... Gosh I am so happy for him. People keep saying are you sad? Well .. no not! I feel happy for him! He was out on his own, had a set back with a layoff and I am just so thankful that he is back out on his own. That is what good parenting is about. Launching our kiddies to be independent. YES I am happy that he is closer to visit now. Do I still not like the drive to his new place??? affirmative but mommy will tackle the Schuylkill expressway to see her kiddo.. with clenched hands etc..

BTW I really do just need to get in the car and trust my GPS more often.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blog update

Okay memorial day was unseasonably warm here but just a pleasure to spend time with family and relax. It was wonderful. I  am posting a picture of me in all my fat glory with my kids and my mom at the parade. I am what I am! My mom is shrinking and I am growing but I look just like her and have the same build she did unfortunately... I will say it again, my allergist wants me to lose weight and this will be the summa about me! I have fussed with the my son for 2 years out of work living home. He is moving Friday. My daughter is settled in a job and it is time I try to move past all my losses of the winter. This summer is about learning to cook right again and being a healthy eater. I used to be really good at this and it is so easy to fall into terrible eating habits.

Last night was a scholarship fundraiser at the Camden River sharks.... Ugh down poured... rain delay so didn't stay till the end of the game but what a neat park to take a family. I highly recommend. Just watch out for fly balls.. wozers they come right at you. Got home and it was dry as a bone. Funny how thunder storms follow such narrow tracks.

Tired tonight but planning in my head a wedding planner book that I need done in 2WEEKS! yes my daughter asked for one for her friends engagement party. Yes when my son is moving and my time is short with the end of the year but I feel it is a TEST... You like him more than me mommy I will start on this book and get something going to prove mommy does love you each the same in your own special way!!! Ha its what I always tell them even though I also add sometimes you each might need me more at one time or another it balances out.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

I am off in about a half an hour to the local parade then to a picnic at my brothers house. This is the layout I made yesterday evening. The pattern paper is from Garden Party DCWV and the glitter paper is coordinations glitz and glam. The font is gypsy and the balloon is from create a critter. I used a few different colored inks, stickles and border punches. The picture template is a Kerri Bradford.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Gonna be a bumpy ride here for the next few weeks but I will craft when I can. My son is moving out next Friday. Sigh.. bitter sweet. He is a kind gentle soul and I love him dearly but.... it is time for him to find himself and get back out on his own. Good news is he will be closer this time. He is moving to Conshohocken PA which is closer than when he lived in Brooklyn. I am just so happy for him to get back on his feet since he was out of work so long. It is actually almost a 2 year anniversary of him having to move home when his lease was up in nyc and he had lost his job. Gosh... I am so proud of him and hope that life works out for him this time. I truly believe if you are a good person good things will happen to you...Notice I don't say money things cause we all know money doesn't by happiness. As long as he pays his bills and lives within in his means I'm happy!

Speaking of happy I caught up my happy book today. Here are just 2 of the pages. I also worked on my sons b-day layout tonight but it is not quite done.

So my house is boxes everywhere from my son packing which means I might get my garage back. Its had his apartment stuff for 2 years.. It will take time to sort, end of school year, then off to NEA... Hey it's my happy life and I wouldn't trade it because crazy is better than not living.

Happy Memorial Day... A day to honor my Uncle Donald Kenneth Mick who died during WW2. My dad carried in his wallet to the day he died the letter he received  from my gram telling him his brother had been killed in action. My oldest brother is named after him.

I almost forgot that I used Kerri Bradford 4X6 picture templates to create the photo collages for the happy/smash book.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

never give up!

I published the last post and thought I will lay down for 5 minutes and then it hit me. I searched my files and found old backups and managed to restore some of my old files. A gentle reminder to back up more often I think.


Well I got my gypsy restored after 2 nights of trying. I lost every single design I ever had on it. Can't figure out why the backups are gone. Big sigh!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WOW What a difference a day makes

I was feeling frazzled and stressed yesterday. Today could not be running more smoothly... Great day at work with the kids, initiations for the character garden mailed or ready for interoffice mail tomorrow and they started laying out the bricks for the garden today and it looks wonderful. Its all about perspective and knowing tomorrow is another day and you can start over.

The attached picture is the 30 invitations I made. The Rainbow is symbolic for a couple reasons. First we have a school song called the Rodgers Rainbow Children and some of the words say like the colors of the rainbow we are shining everyday. The other portion is the very next day after we heard about our dear friend Linda's tragic death, a rainbow appeared over our school the next morning. Honestly it is how I got through that day knowing that she was looking down on us. The little stickles are because she always liked bling and I had to put some on there :-) Oh and I almost forgot the inclusion of purple is because it was her favorite color.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I feel like this is me!

I am actually home tonight by 6:45. My daughter left for work and I have some printed pictures to scrap and I can't calm my body to get the paper pulled and organized. So I sit here with a glass of wine trying to unwind my body and am updating my gypsy and Imagine  through cricut sync.

BTW... Does anybody else find they never get the cricut newsletters and hello thursday emails? They have a real problem because I sign up and resign up since 2007 and I rarely ever get anything on a consistent basis.

I hope this crafting mental block lifts soon. I know it will. Things are just gonna be crazy for a while. My son found an apartment. His lease starts on June 1st. Hello not a time of the year to expect my help. Every school day is scheduled from now until the last day on the 15th of June and there are no personal days in my future. Then I leave for DC on June 27th for 9 days. In the mean time my daughter has staked a claim on his room of 22 years since we have lived here. Its bigger and she decided his shrine will be gone.. Who knew that he would have such emotional ties to us completely planning on stripping his childhood room and converting it.

Ughh I think my gypsy just locked up and is now not working from trying to update. Life is never dull its all I gots to say!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Duh on the headaches

I kept thinking they were the weather and pollen and they may have started that way but.... NOT.

But let me back track. Thursday night I finished the 30 cards and addressed all the envelopes for the dedication space at work. Waiting for the person writing the inside to give it to me. I wanted to mail tomorrow but I guess that will not happen.  I also tried to catch up some of my happy book. Not completely but almost there.

Friday stressful day at work.. More in dealing with my members as this year I tackled being union president. It really is a thankless job sometimes but I try to always focus on the positive and how it helps people get a fair shake and I am good with that.

Saturday I met my high school friend from PA again. She was coming to go to the Pitman craft show with her mom. ( I am so happy that she is coming out more... she is still dealing with the loss of her son but she has a deep faith helping her work through her grief) Last Saturday we saw that Glassboro Market Place was having a 14 local winery wine fest so I bought us tickets. Well is was sunny and hot and I was soooo tired when she dropped me at home around 3:15 I thought I need a nap. I woke up with the shivers and a 101 temp...  I think I am in love with the virtua intermediate care place. And I am so ever grateful each and everyday for my health insurance. I went to virtua and ck'd in at 9:05 Sunday am. I was out of there at 9:45. I got antibiotics for a sinus infection and meds for the wheeze that was starting in my chest. Cut it off at the pass and got it all in my system so I did not have to miss work today with a fever waiting to see the doctor for a well appointment after 2 PM today.... YEAH!

I really feel that once I got myself run down last fall with all the emotional losses I have just caught EVERYTHING!!!

I do not think in all the years since I have been scrapping and card making I have been this behind. I spent tonight sending off prints to snapfish and creating some Kerri Bradford templates to print. I need some more photo paper so have to do a staples run. Also... I really need a better quality home photo printer if I am going to print these templates. I am starting the research.

I have been sticking to my use what you have before buying lately... I made all 30 invitations with paper from my stash. Yeah... I am trying to stick with buying solid papers that only match my projects by the sheet. I get sucked in to the multi colored packs but only use one or two of the colors.

Well that is what I have been up to in a nutshell....

Oh one last thing. I told my friend about my happy book.. She said I need one of those so I think I am going to start using my coupons and buy her a smash book and supplies to go with it. I  explained that if she was having a bad day she could pick up the book and relive the happy events going on in her life. I think this is something she needs... I can't imagine losing my child. Her son was the same age as my daughter.. 22. I know that I have had too many personal losses in the last 8 months to count some that I get up everyday and feel the loss of. When I am down my happy book really helps me be thankful for all that I have and all the special friends and family still here to share it with.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

mid-week update

I worked in my yard like 4.5 hours on Sunday planting my annuals, cannas and calla lilies.. still not done. Slept with the windows open Sunday night and have been stuffed with sinus headaches ( some days turning into migraines) daily ever since. Zapping my energy. Don't cha just love spring. Tonight did get in the craft room for a few to cut the few remaining rainbow images I need to finish my 30 rainbow invitations. Tomorrow night final assembly and address the envelopes hopefully if my allergies let me.

I am hoping for a break in this humid air tonight for a good nights sleep and a headache free day tomorrow. Haven't had a spell like this in a LOOONNNNGGGG time. I used to get headaches and migraines all the time but have been spared the last few years.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Quick Graduation Card

I love that you can save designs on the gypsy to use again. I needed a quick graduation card for today so I used an old design and just changed the number from 2011 to 2012. My co-workers son graduated from Rowan University yesterday and she is having a party. Oh my PERFECT weather today for an outdoor party around a pool with pool fountains going.

On my craft table is the fixin's of 30 invitations I am working on for the dedication of the outdoor space from my friend.... The number of invitations started at 20, then was 25 and now is up to 30....But the weather is too nice to stay in and do it today. Off to lunch with high school friends then the party I mentioned above.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ugly Card

I decided to come clean and post my moms ugly birthday card.... The birthday mat was cut so many times on different kinds of paper you can't believe. When I finally got it cut well by making a bigger card I put those ugly numbers on it.... Just overall disappointing but you live and learn in crafting. Its what I get for waiting till the day of her birthday to try to come up with something good. Too much pressure!! My problem is I picked the pattern paper first and worked the other colors around it. I just put the pattern paper in the wrong spot and the 91 did not need to consume the card for goodness sakes.

Busy week again but tonight before a church meeting I did get to cut lots of pieces to work on rainbow cards tomorrow night. I am making about 20 invitations for special guests to the dedication of the outdoor space in honor of my good friend Linda. I will be using the create a critter rainbow with purples because purple was her favorite color.

Have to get in bed... I have a terrible headache between the pollen and now the rain.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Card

The inside of the card was cut from cricut florals embellished. The Aqua glitter paper is from core'dinations Glitz &Glam... Love this stack. I used Martha Steward glitter on the flower center.The front of the card is cut with a design from the silhouette studio. I added stickles, gel stitching and a piece of ribbon lace. I backed the cut with the glitter paper I used on the inside.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Well I have read 3 novels in the last week in the evenings. My escape from reality when I am upset about things. I just got back from church where I gave my worries away. Now I'm trying to work on my mothers day card before going to a local theatre play.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

sorry I'm MIA

To be honest I am feeling uninspired this week... Last weekend working on that card for hours and coming up short was depressing.. Still not posting the picture... it was so bad. Good news my sis-in-law out did me on her card.. It was fab!!!

I have been addicted to reading this week. One book after another. No TV, work, meetings and read till I drop!

There seems to be no in between with me. All or nothing.