Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Where does it go when you have no schedule? I start the summer adhering to a schedule and it always falls apart. This summer more than most since I was addicted to the Olympics and stayed up way late every night to watch them. I broke my toe so can't walk in the am so I sleep in... Then the pattern repeats of staying up late... I did craft on the weekend. I made a total scrap lift card from pinterest for my friend. There was nothing original about it so I will not post it here. I caught up my happy book. Had lots of things from the last week to add.... I have about 9 pages left in the book so that means I have had lots  of happiness since January. The book really is doing it's job because when I go back and look at the pages I really do feel happy reliving the memories... Its a great way to keep your life going in a positive direction. Sometimes I add pictures, sometimes just journal and always add any memorabilia I collect from an event. It's my personal version of project life but on a simpler level.

Today is clear out my sons room... I have procrastinated this all summer and time is running out to paint it. Changing it means my little guy is really GONE!!! okay I know it's a good thing for him but when he left for college it stayed his shrine, when he got his job in NYC I didn't change it. Then he lost his job and was home for 2 years.... Now he is back out there and I am so happy. Since my daughter moved home after college she would like the bigger room. She has a great job but is not ready to move out and I am okay with that. So she picked out her colors and new bedding and my little/big guys room will be gone. My daughters old room will be converted to a guest room for when he or anyone else visits.

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