Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1st attempt

This is my first attempt at a pumpkin decoration I have seen floating on several blogs. Its for one of the office secretaries to put on her desk. I am honing my skills here to make a table centerpiece of various sized pumpkins for Thanksgiving. I would definitely go with solid color ones for that but I was being playful with the pattern paper since my school is pre-k and k. This pumpkin is small. I got 4 scalloped circles on a 12 X 12 page. It takes 8 circles to make the pumpkin. I am not sure I like the look of the stem. I will need to experiment with that. I just kind of added the tags to give it color to simulate leaves. Obviously when I get to the real centerpieces they will have paper leaves for decoration. This pumpkin took me no time at all...45 minutes tops. I'm not sure  using a circle shape is right. Maybe a slight oval on its side? Let the experimenting begin over the next few days. I went to Michaels after school and got lots of orange paper on sale .25 a sheet. You can't beat that.  oh I almost forgot that I embossed the orange pieces in the pumpkin playing around. This is probably the biggest I could make the pumpkin with embossing one side at a time. Disappointed with that since I like the embossing look but I wanted a few larger scale pumpkins for the centerpiece.

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