Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Good-bye Sandy

Lucky here! Kept our electric so the basement did not flood. Some big branches down in the back yard but no major damage. I did make two of these cards yesterday while Sandy was pouring rain and wind on us. Inspired from pinterest. Not an original design. I used the sweet treats cart and a stampin up stamp. I also stamped a lot last night watching TV with my mom. I will have lots of images to make up into cards in the next week.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I was a negligent crafter last week. Friday after work I spent trying to prepare my basement in the event of a power failure and my sump pump not working. Saturday I went to NYC for Columbia University Reading and Writing Project workshops. LOOONNNGGG day! Today after church it was clean the gutters and make sure there was nothing in the yard to blow and do damage. My mom has agreed to come and stay for the duration of the storm so I don't have to worry about her. YAY! Major feat she usually resists! So Now all we can do here in South Jersey with the storm approaching is pray that all will be safe. Things can be replaced. People cannot. I hope every in the barrier islands is listening to the instructions to evacuate.

Monday, October 22, 2012

pinterest note cards

I saw this note card design a while ago on pinterest and added it to my board for future reference. Well fast forward... I made 14 of these in various colors for a birthday gift. I used plantin schoolbook for the circle, elegant edges for the scalloped circle and storybook font for the C. Swiss dots embossing folder.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What a week

For some reason the third week of every month means meetings out every night. Then my son came home for a 4 day weekend visit. Phew I am exhausted. I did manage to make this card the other night. I got the image from the silhouette store. My daughter's co-worker was having a formal sweet 16 for his daughter with a masquerade theme. I thought this image was perfect and the colors are similar to the ones used in the invitation.

I went to Atlantic City this morning to Christmas shop with my SIL and my son. Got a big dent in his gifts. He is so tall, thin and picky I just have him try on and pick out. (I got my xmas club on October 1) I like to be done the lion share of shopping by Thanksgiving. I HATE rushing and pushing in stores at the holidays. I like to ENJOY the holidays.

Also, we were cutting through Caesars casino on the way from the pier shopping mall back to the parking garage. I put 4.00 in a penny machine and won 80.00. WOOT, WOOT!! It just about paid for the new winter coat I bought myself on sale at the Columbia outlet!!! Gosh I got so excited! I quickly cashed out an left before I was tempted to put any more money in the machine.

Right now I am working on note cards for a birthday gift. I got the idea for them from pinterest I'll post pictures when they are done.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1st attempt

This is my first attempt at a pumpkin decoration I have seen floating on several blogs. Its for one of the office secretaries to put on her desk. I am honing my skills here to make a table centerpiece of various sized pumpkins for Thanksgiving. I would definitely go with solid color ones for that but I was being playful with the pattern paper since my school is pre-k and k. This pumpkin is small. I got 4 scalloped circles on a 12 X 12 page. It takes 8 circles to make the pumpkin. I am not sure I like the look of the stem. I will need to experiment with that. I just kind of added the tags to give it color to simulate leaves. Obviously when I get to the real centerpieces they will have paper leaves for decoration. This pumpkin took me no time at all...45 minutes tops. I'm not sure  using a circle shape is right. Maybe a slight oval on its side? Let the experimenting begin over the next few days. I went to Michaels after school and got lots of orange paper on sale .25 a sheet. You can't beat that.  oh I almost forgot that I embossed the orange pieces in the pumpkin playing around. This is probably the biggest I could make the pumpkin with embossing one side at a time. Disappointed with that since I like the embossing look but I wanted a few larger scale pumpkins for the centerpiece.

Monday, October 8, 2012


I used the Batman cart for the the batman image. I cut the The hulk from cuttin up cartoon font. I got the hulk image online in clip art.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scrappin night or not..

Well my group finally got together again tonight. I had prepped my 2 page layout. Cut all my cricut pieces. Got there had cut the shadow somehow a different font for all the letters. Decided to use my friends real batman logo instead of the make believe one so go home get my expression bring it back. cut and re-cut and cut and re-cut. Man I could not get anything right tonight. Run upstairs at the church for a meeting. Back down, mess up some more cuts. Didn't accomplish much but I had great fellowship with my scrapper friends and had Karen to keep reminding me when I had a mess up that it was only paper! LOL Some times things are just like that.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

soup making machine!!

I have no idea why but I have been in a soup making mood. Monday at my farm co-op I picked out great soup produce. Monday night it was butternut squash soup. Last night escarole and mini meatball soup, plus I prepped the crock pot for vegetable beef barley soup to take to our secretary after work that just had surgery. Came home from work it was done and delivered it. Then today it was potato leek soup. Oh my why have I never had this before. It was yummy. I started picking up leeks at the farm this summer and really liked them. I substituted them a lot in my grilled veggies instead of onions.