Tuesday, November 20, 2012

sympathy card

I stamped probably a dozen or more flower images with my create a garden stamp set during Hurricane Sandy. I have been slowly, with slow being the optimal word making them all up into sympathy or note cards. I finally got my yard raked last Sunday after church and this weekend I need to tackle my moms. I am cooking for 9 on Thursday. Tomorrow is early dismissal then I have tons of things to start getting ready for Thanksgiving. I actually for the first time put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. My daughter works Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and likes to help so I said okay. (I generally spend ALL day black Friday putting up decorations. )When you have someone in the family working in the medical field then you need to learn to adjust your traditions. She will sleep most of Thanksgiving away, I will wake her up for dinner at 4 then she will be off to the hospital for another 12 hour shift.

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