Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I like schedules. I like to plan out what I am going to do and do it... hehehe I used to drive my ex crazy because if I was around the local mall shopping I planned my route to the surrounding shopping centers to always make right turns to avoid the left turn across traffic. It drove him crazy so yes I wasn't the easiest to live with but hey I WAS a good wife :-) I digress.... I planned out the painting schedule... yesterday was to be clear out what my son left for me to box and prep room turned into yesterday clear out and box what was left...grrr more than I thought. Really why is he keeping all these college books that are already outdated??? Into my cavern basement they go. Today was supposed to be paint the ceiling.... no it was Spackle, take one of the windows to get measured for replacement cause there is moisture in there, wash down the walls and baseboards, tape everything out, shop for the paint and new blinds, oh and take my mom for an ultra sound of her carotid artery. So why do I make schedules that are unrealistic? Beats me but it gives me piece of mind... I have a card to post tomorrow once I assemble when it's dry. I try to use all the machines I buy. I have not used the print feature on my imagine in a while so tomorrow the card will be an imagine one. Oh and paint the ceiling and the next day the walls and the next......hehehe I am already adjusting my new schedule.

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