Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Painting is done

The painting is done and the room is cleaned. I am just waiting for the replacement window and blackout shades (my daughter works nights) I ordered to arrive, then my daughter can move in from her old room.  In trying to finish up the painting my 2nd oldest brother and the one I am closest to was hospitalized. Friday night/Saturday am a little scary because he was transported to a bigger specialized hospital for treatment. My sis and I were driving at 4 am using gps in torrential rain to find the hospital but we made it.... He is still undergoing lots of tests and is really weak.  At this point all we can do is pray that the doctors can heal him.

When I am upset I need to keep busy... Sunday night I cleaned the house till 11pm... yesterday I went in and almost completely finished setting up my classroom before going to the hospital. This morning I am slowing down a bit as I guess the first wave of adrenaline is wearing off. I'm waiting for my sis in law to call to find out what the plan is for today. He might be moved from Lourdes to Cooper for a test then back. If so no sense in going till he is back. With medicine you kinda just have to have patience and trust that they know what they are doing....(Doesn't mean I don't ask lots of questions along the way!!!)

My scrapping buddy Susan is undergoing knee replacement today so lots of prayers going her way!!!

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