Friday, October 29, 2010


I want to say that one of the reasons that I started this blog was that I have a very good friend who has been disabled with a degenerative muscle condition as a way for her to see my creations. She is the person who encouraged me to spend the money to get my gypsy and Imagine. She always said look at me.. this is your one love, enjoy it while you can. Well I haven't posted much this week because she is in her final days if not hours. I will miss my daily conversations with her. Linda everytime I use my gyspy and Imagine I will think of you.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Polka dot challenge

Okay Emma gave a hint last night it would be a polka dot challenge so I started early because I am going out tonight after work. I used the Yummy cart to make this card.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Okay I saw this on creations with Christina today and decided I had to make it so off to ACMoore I went. Christina's looks way better than mine, plus mine looks better in person. I am going to make 4 of these, place homemade note cards in the back section with envelopes for the 4 teachers I exchange gifts with at work for Christmas. The pattern paper used was from the old Luxury stack from DCWV and the plain paper from shimmer DCWV. Walnut stain and several glimmer mist colors.

Emma gave a hint that tomorrows Imagine Challenge will have polka dots so I am making mine now. I won't be home tomorrow night. Going to a nook class. I made the cuts, have to assemble and then got to bed. It was a bad week last week and this am did not start well with my cking account emptied... My Debit card was compromised. YUCK! I am done with debit cards. Credit or cash. That way I can pay my bills on time. I found it when I went to my online bill payer to pay bills and the money was gone. I hope everyone enjoyed all the purchases in Miami since I live in South Jersey. Hello 850.00 at a liquor store???

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween cards

My friend asked for a couple of Halloween cards for her grandchildren. The first was similar to one already posted so I won't re-post that one. These two are from the Wild Card cart. I learned that when making the envelope for the pumpkin card not to assemble it until you lay the card in it. The thickness of the card made it not fit the first time and I had to redo it. The monster card I made twice. I HATED the first one. My son walked in and said how about green. I had it in mind for a little boy. My son said cuttlebug it. And he made handcut the tongue for me. I think it came out cute considering how much I disliked the first one.


I started a new 8 X 8 album for my son at scrap night this week. If he will let me I will post pictures when it is done. It will contain all his undergraduate and grad school graduation photos. This morning I made to personal sympathy cards I did not take pictures of. They are just for those people. A co-worker good friend went in to pre-term labor at 5 months and lost her little girl this week and another co-worker's husband succumbed to cancel on Friday morning so it was a sad week at my school. This afternoon I got Yummy in the mail so tonight I made a cupcake birthday card for a friend who loves cupcakes. I am going out to lunch with her and a group of other girls next Saturday for a girls birthday lunch.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am cutting various size bats tonight for the speech therapist at work for some activity she is doing. Adding lots of stickles. I have to say now that the gypsy talks to the Imagine I can FINALLY see how I might not need my expression so much. Loving it. Please excuse the faux blue wall painting. What can I say it was a moment of madness at a bad time in my life a few years ago. On another wall I have paint samples taped up. Trying to pick a green for the room but can't decide.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sorry no photos today

No photos today. I have been experimenting with the Imagine and gypsy working together. You can't add color yet with the gypsy so I played with inserting squares on the screen, then adding the patterns, then hitting print only on the Imagine. Then inserting images in that area of the mat on the gypsy, reloading the same paper and cutting the images so they have the pattern on them when cut. One way to do it until all the updates are out.

Monday, October 18, 2010

more sympathy cards

This card is very similar to another batch I just made. I was not feeling original tonight with my cards. My mom asked for several sympathy cards last week. Seems like I never have enough of them. Not really a card I like to have to send if you know what I mean. DCWV papers and stampin up stamps. I also worked on a 2-page layout and began organizing pictures for a little 8 X 8 album for my son with undergrad and grad school graduation photos in it. I just updated my Imagine and gypsy so they are supposed to work together now. Gonna go see what I can figure out.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


My little Darla passed away this afternoon. She was 15 years old. I will so miss her sitting on my lap when I am crafting.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Throwback Thursday Animal Theme

Here is my entry for Emma's Throw Back Thursday animal theme. I used paper pups cart at 5 ". I used the blackout to create the shaped card base on the gypsy, then the solid and regular feature on the dog. .. Cinnamon stickles for the eyes, a stampin up stamp and brown and tan paper from my stash.

snowman card

I have had the pieces of this snowman on my craft table unfinished for weeks. I don't remember what size I cut the snowman I just know it is a 5 X 7 card, bigger than I normally make. The snowman was cut from snow friends, the paper base and ribbon Hawaiian shores from papertrey ink and the white shimmer paper bulk end paper I got at CKC. The face is from Peachy Keen winter face assortment.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

scrap night

Its scrap night. Don't know how much I will get done. Taking school work with me that needs to be prepped. I really enjoyed Emma's live stream last night.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Note cards gift.

Two summers ago I reconnected with several high school friends on facebook. We generally get together for small b-day celebrations. One of the girls birthday is next week. She loves craft shows and handmade goods (is not crafty herself). I made a set of 8 of these note cards that will go into a clear acetate box from papertrey ink. C is her first initial and she loves music and should be on a modern day Name That Tune. I used the Imagine more cart for the oval and musical notes and Storybook cart for the initial.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Imagine Challenge

Okay I have not done a challenge since school started so tonight was the night after shopping at the outlets all day in Atlantic City with my kids. Time to carve out some me time before school tomorrow. To create this card I took the rectangle from Plantin Schoolbook at I think 5 inches then filled it in with the cloud pattern from Best Friends. I outlined the clouds with a sparkle gel pen. The frame with the flowers I think was cut at 5.2 in layers and just the red balloon layer from the bunch of balloons with it also set at 5.2. The stamp used was My Pink Stamper Everyday Occasions. The card base was enchanted evening from Papertrey ink. A little white gel doodle added here and there.

more xmas cards

I started making 4 of these wreath cards on Thursday night at scrapbooking. Finally put the finishing bow touch on when I got home from Atlantic City. This makes 46 Christmas cards done. I have 6 more 1/2 done. The snowmen are all cut an assembled I haven't decided on the card base yet. This wreath card used the same branch punch that I used in some tree cards right after CKC at Valley Forge. The paper and stamps are all papertrey ink. Ribbon clearance stuff from my stash.


So sorry no new projects to share. I have been just taking a few days off from crafting in the evenings. Had a big night watching the Phillies and Eagles play at the same time last night. Today heading out to Atlantic City for some outlet shopping with my children.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Bliss

I have managed to fool around all morning and half the afternoon reading a book and blogs. Isn't life wonderful? Time for reality the vacuum is calling my name....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Go Phillies

Okay I just had to put that in because Halladay just pitched an awesome game. Congrats to him. I took last night off from crafting. Finished a good book. I did finished a couple of layouts the night before last but I have to take pictures of my 12 X 12 layouts outside or they don't photograph well. The weather here has been rainy and wet so I can't take pictures outside. I really need to get one of those natural lights for my crafting room. Maybe then I won't have to go outside holding up paper when I am trying to match colors. HAHAHA Gonna play with my Imagine now TTL.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I just worked on a 2 page layout from my nieces son's birthday on Labor Day weekend. I like to lay it out and walk away before I tape down. Then I don't regret it...thus the wine fest 2 - page layout that is too blue and still needs me to go back and add something. Any how I digress. So on the page when Eddie is blowing out candles I write blow.... My son just walked in and gave me all the negative connotations for blow so that I need to rethink what it shall say next to the pictures of him blowing out his candles. Maybe if I just add the ing .. Thus I will not have more pictures to post tonight while I ponder the new title. Who knew that when you are looking at birthday pictures that the term could be referenced to drugs or sexual content?

sympathy card

I seem to always be running low on sympathy cards. I got the inspiration for this card at the stampin up demonstrators house on Friday night. Layout from her but the stamps and colors all different from what she used. Stamps are both stampin up, card base is papertrey ink and the pattern paper is DCWV. I actually made 4 versions of this with slightly different paper choices.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


I have to say that I cleaned the house, decorated for fall and it took forever because I had to ck out every stop on the pink cricut Imagine blog hop and then every hour Christina from creations with christina posted a video and then on the half hour a give-a-way. It was so fun. My daughter worked 8 - 2 at her local job for some spending money at school then we were off for hours of shopping. She wanted new rain boots. Did not find what she wanted in her size but I got an over the door shoe holder to put my punches in at the container store. Got home, ate and watched the videos I had missed. BTW I think rain boots are a summer thing. Her current pair is 3-4 years old and they have discolored. Any how gotta say I got lots of inspiration today. Hope to act on it tomorrow. It will be a long day with church services, then a memorial for a truly inspirational lady who passed on this week at the ripe age of 97. My daughter works tomorrow again from 8 - 2 then heads back to college. The good news is she will be home next weekend as well for fall break. I have missed her. She needs to come home every so many weeks to work for them to consider her an active employee and this weekend was a must to be on the active list. I have to say they have been very accommodating and I am thankful she has this opportunity to work to make some spending money at school.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Sorry no posts for a few days but I had a retirement dinner last night and my daughter came home for the weekend from college today and I have not seen her since August. Went shopping with her right after work and then to a Stampin Up Open House at my favorite demonstrators house. Tired... Hope to get some crafting in on the weekend around house work and spending time with my daughter. I want to ck in on world card making day at creations with christina blog and the Imagine blog hop. I miss doing bog hops since school started. The good news kinda is that I hired someone to cut the grass for the rest of the season with my fractured ankle. I would rather spend the money on crafts but oh well.