Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another knitted set

My daughter picked out this set for my mom to knit for her co-worker. The shower is taking place as I type this.


My reading list of blogs is being slammed with spam about weight loss products! How do you stop this.?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


My mom can knit. She can knit anything any time. Growing up with 5 children clothes were handmade and even our gloves where hand knit. When you got a hole in a finger she could repair just that finger. My kids all had hand knit baby outfits that I can shamefully say that I let my daughter use with her baby dolls because I didn't truly understand how talented she is. Everyone in the family has multiple Afghans, lap blankets, dish scrubbers, place mats, etc. At this point knitting is one thing my mom can still bang out... lap blankets for nursing homes, baby caps for the local hospitals, my kids all have multiple baby blankets and sweater sets tucked away in tissue in case gram isn't here when they have children. Now I can shamefully also say I use her as slave labor... yes I do. ANY time I have a baby shower to attend or a close friend having a grand or my principle having a baby I say hey mom could you make me a baby thing... I head over to ACMoore bring home the yarn and literally in 1 to 2 days I get the call ... its done! I always let her whip up whatever she feels like... I have a baby shower Thursday for the interpreter at our school who is expecting a little boy. This is my 92 year old moms latest set she whipped up for me...
Well I think I may have passed on the slave labor gene to my daughter cause she has a work baby shower on Sunday. I posted the invitations I did for her before... Note: I was slave labor for the invitations. Then she went online and found just the right pattern she wanted knitted... At least I give allow for creative genius to come up with her own thing.. hahaha. Once the buttons on her the little girl outfit I will post that also.

Oh I can do a basic knit or pearl... that's it.. no cables nothing fancy, straight lines for scarfs. hahaha! BUT  I can crochet.... Must skip a generation cause that was my mom's mom thing. I never remember her without a crochet hook in her hand knitting doilies.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Nursery Rhymes

Our kindergarten closing ceremonies have a Nursery Rhyme theme this year. I spent about 4 hours today cutting decorations from the cricut nursery rhyme cart. I was a little frustrated that the shadow feature on some of the images did not line up the way it should with the cut image. I did the best I could to make it work and really I'm probably the only one who will realize that it isn't the way its supposed to be. This was one of my dear friend Linda's cartridges.

Monday, May 6, 2013


I've been at a loss as to what to give my mom for Mother's day.. Her birthday is just 2 weeks before and when you get to 92 there is not a lot that you need. Today on Crafting with Katie's blog she made a Lori Whitlock magazine holder to hold A2 cards (silhouette store) that she will fill with cards for her moms mother's day gift. Ding! Ding! Ding! I made the holder this evening and now I just have to hurry and fill it with cards and envelopes by Sunday. I used the extra heavy papertrey ink paper for the base so it is extra sturdy. I just did a double cut. The pattern paper I have had for like 4 years from a floral paper pack I don't know the name of. I hope I can find the energy because I am still sleeping a lot. Got my blood test today so hopefully my thyroid meds will be adjusted but the end of the week. I am not a napper but I nap everyday anymore.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

long time no craft

My tooth threw me for a loop last week. The weekend was a whirl wind of activity with my son home and my moms 92nd birthday... Monday I started to crash. I have had zero energy this week. I take a nap everyday after school and I am going to bed at like 8:30. I think my thyroid levels have dropped significantly. I get blood work next Monday then back to the endo doc on Thursday. It can take a while to get the right dose of pill to take to make up for no thyroid.

On to my card. A co-workers daughter is getting married this weekend. It is a garden wedding and she will have little girls with fairy wings as bridesmaids. I cut the cuts for this from the silhouette store. I used fine white glitter on the bottom layer of the diamond. I used some yellow and clear stickles here and there as well.