Sunday, October 21, 2012

What a week

For some reason the third week of every month means meetings out every night. Then my son came home for a 4 day weekend visit. Phew I am exhausted. I did manage to make this card the other night. I got the image from the silhouette store. My daughter's co-worker was having a formal sweet 16 for his daughter with a masquerade theme. I thought this image was perfect and the colors are similar to the ones used in the invitation.

I went to Atlantic City this morning to Christmas shop with my SIL and my son. Got a big dent in his gifts. He is so tall, thin and picky I just have him try on and pick out. (I got my xmas club on October 1) I like to be done the lion share of shopping by Thanksgiving. I HATE rushing and pushing in stores at the holidays. I like to ENJOY the holidays.

Also, we were cutting through Caesars casino on the way from the pier shopping mall back to the parking garage. I put 4.00 in a penny machine and won 80.00. WOOT, WOOT!! It just about paid for the new winter coat I bought myself on sale at the Columbia outlet!!! Gosh I got so excited! I quickly cashed out an left before I was tempted to put any more money in the machine.

Right now I am working on note cards for a birthday gift. I got the idea for them from pinterest I'll post pictures when they are done.

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