Thursday, September 27, 2012

funk non scrappin post

I have been in a bit of a crafting funk... Lots of work related things, yadda, yadda, yadda same ole but I think the big thing has been the monster in the closet for me... I got all those bad mammograms and I was trying to schedule the biopsy during my brothers funeral preparation.... then I needed major dental work. I actually had a melt down in the dentist when they took my blood pressure and it was high.. HELLO!!! Live my life right now. When I am stressed I run on schedules and them saying I couldn't have my dental work done messed with my schedule and I melted down and cried. OKAY love my dentist she is the best ever but how embarrassed am I to go back now. Went home and called doc and went in the next day to be put on temporary blood pressure meds till my life calms down. Fast forward to this week. I had the biopsy on Monday and I got the call that it was benign so I can RELAX and start putting things back together. I haven't been able to read or craft at night. I haven't been able to focus till I got the results. That's weird cause those are the two things I find calming. I also think I try to be a positive person and my worry about this biopsy was related to my brothers diagnosis with cancer and the family history with breast cancer. I'm gonna have nurse Darcy ck my blood pressure on Monday and then if all is good start the dental work. I have a major filling w/possible root canal and then off to the endodontist for a problem with an old root canal.. Can I say that after all the money for a crown and root canal that it is just wrong that something wasn't done right.... I am so thankful for my dental insurance but I get 1000. 00 on this big buck stuff. If you get one crown in a year everything else is out of pocket. You can choose a crown or a root canal and you can't have both... Gosh my dad had GREAT teeth... why did I get my moms tooth gene. I am doing everything I can to keep my teeth and not need dentures like my mom. Life is about challenges and how you handle them. Sometimes I do better than others that's why I am always trying to look up to get myself centered again because even when I think I am charge I am not!!!

FYI I know I have like no followers and maybe a couple people read my ramblings but posts like this are more to help me express myself given that I don't have a husband or life partner to bounce that frustration off of... Life is good. Enjoy each day as if it was your last.

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  1. I read your posts!! I really wonder why we seem to have calm pleasant summer and then the end of August rolls around, school starts, and everything falls apart. I am glad for friends like you, and I hope things continue to calm down.