Monday, December 17, 2012

The week before...

No matter how much I do ahead for the holidays the week before is my baking week. I try and do a little something everyday. Saturday night I made 4 pounds of spiced pecans. 2 pounds for my SIL and 2 for me. Sunday I went to church, had Christmas play tickets with my mom, went to dinner with her after, went back to church for a carol sing on the church lawn(okay porch cause it was sprinkling) came home and mixed up the cream cheese cookies to freeze in logs to slice and back later this week. Today I went to work, rushed out to the doctor after. I have infected sinuses and a double ear infection. Gee....I feel like one of my students. I headed back to church for the Monday third meal. We had extra people to feed tonight cause my church is hosting some homeless families this week. I mashed a ton of potatoes I tell ya and washed a ton of dishes. I came home and made a batch of coconut macaroons, some with chocolate kisses pressed in the center. While I have the cookies in the fridge for the chocolate to harden I made these toppers for 2 snack sized bags filled with the spiced pecans for the secretaries at work. The folded shape is a stock image on the imagine. I filled it with color from snow angels. The flower pot image is from that cart as well with some stickles added. I also cut letters on the silhouette for an over sized envelope I had to make using my Martha Stewart scoring board. My kids got their uncle a Harley Davidson Gift card for xmas and the blooming card in an over sized card with no envelope??? Really???

Tomorrow night is a double batch of oatmeal lace cookies...My kids current favorite. They take for ever to make cause the spread out so much you have to really space on the pan then you have to allow them to cool slightly on the pan before you try to lift on... I cook them on parchment paper.

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