Monday, January 30, 2012

another valentine

I used Papertrey Ink card base. The pattern paper was My Minds Eye Lost and Found, the solid color and silver metallic were from my stash. Brown ribbon and an ek success border punch. The heart was cut from cricut cart all mixed up.

Working tonight trying to plan my daughters last scrapbook page. I collected nursing stickers for 4 years and now rarely use them in layouts. Trying to incorporate some on the last page.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

starting Valentines

This card is my version of a card with x and o's from the cricut magazine. I am thinking this is for my son. That is why I am using more subdued colors. The papers are all from My Mind's Eye Lost and Found except the base that is Paper Trey Ink. ( I really love the 6 X 6 My Minds Eye paper pads for making cards )The letters are cut using the storybook cricut font. The ribbon is from my stash. I inked some of the papers with creamy brown color box inks.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Feeling Better

I just got home from AC (Atlantic City) from an overnight winter leadership conference that was informative.. ( Still on meds but improving every second I feel from earlier in the week) Got to room and spend time with a very special colleague that has become a good friend over the years.. Girl time last night and then shopping therapy at the outlets after before coming home late tonight. hehehehe everyone thinks we all hit the casinos... I rarely do and when I do it is not much. I love to see a product for my money.. Today's irony... I bought 1 thing for myself!! I kept texting the kids and sending pixs and everything I bought except 1 thing under 40 was for them and the are paying me back!!!! YEAH a good day...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

nothing to post

I have been fighting an upper respiratory thing this week and just crashing in the evenings after work. Today I couldn't take it anymore and went to the doctor after work.. 4 scripts should fix me up right? Hope to be back crafting soon.

An observation. Why when bloggers get tired of blogging do they fill their blog with guest designers?

Also.... rumors are Provo craft had another shake up and restructuring. I hate when people lose their jobs.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Okay my New Years resolution was to make sure I spend more time having fun! I tend to be a homebody and I get caught up in always making sure all my chores are done BEFORE I do anything fun. If my friends passing this last fall taught me nothing else is that everyday is a gift to be enjoyed and that the dust bunnies will be there tomorrow. So I am journaling my fun outings and what evers in a smash book for 2012. No fancy scrapbook pages just notes and pictures or programs to document. I got to use my photoshop elements to size down the pictures that I put in here. The other neat thing is I have an according file box of stickers from when I first started scrapping. I rarely use stickers anymore and this is a perfect way to use them and not let them go to waste!

more graduation pages

This really is the never ending book but my daughter will have it for a lifetime of memories. I actually have 3 more pages to do and its done. A two page layout of our luncheon after graduation and on the last page I am going to put a picture of her on her first day of work as a nurse. These pages still needs the journaling added.

I spent all day yesterday inside since we had some snow and ice. I worked hours playing with photoshop elements. I resized pictures to put in my smash book. I had ink issues so I couldn't print them until today. I am off soon to a local theatre to see Mame but hope to get some crafting in tonight after my daughter wakes up.. Yesterday and today I don't want to run my cricut machines. My craft room is near her bedroom.. She is working nights 7 PM to 7:30 AM and this was her weekend to work. We are all adjusting to her new schedule.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

photshop elements is in the house

Okay we had mild snow over night with some icing .. plus my daughter is on nights this weekend so we have to keep the house quiet... so no vacuuming.. hehehe a good excuse. I spent hours today and I do mean hours learning to create pages of sized photos to print.... the good news I can do it. The bad news I need a new ink cart for the printer because it is printing orange because the blue part is empty. I thought no problem I'll print on my Epson and true to form after cleaning the heads one one of the individual color inks ran out!!! grrrrr I was so ready to put the photos in my smash book!!! Off to staples tomorrow. I do know I can create 8 X 10 templates to send out but I wanted instant gratification today that was not to be. Can't wait to learn more of the color editing and text box etc.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I did it!

I splurged and ordered photoshop elements. I used to use it many pc's ago. Then I became a mac person and have used ilife for taking out red/eye and such but I am looking for something more in my scrapbook pages. I really admire Creations with Christina and Kerri Bradford. I want to be more creative in the sizing of my pictures in my layouts and also use photo collages. Terri Bradford has some nice pre-made templates you can purchase in a PDF to use in Photoshop or elements. My software is due to arrive today so I can't wait!!!!! Then the learning curve happens LOL!

I have like 4 more graduation album pages to finish and then I am DONE!!! I have never taken this long to do an album. I had such a hard time going back to it after my friend Linda was killed that it sat for months while I grieved.

I have not done any of the chronological albums since the spring so it is time to catch up!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

scrapbook pages

For the next few pages of the scrapbook I am going to be labeling all the people. This page doesn't have all the names in yet because I am waiting for my daughter to tell me all the names. LOL I have pictures of her with all her friends and sorority sisters that I KNOW in 10 years she will not remember all the names of even though she thinks she will. She has to trust me on this one where age is wisdom because she will lose contact then forget the names.

Monday, January 16, 2012

I've been crafting

Just not taking pictures and putting them up. Here is a Chinese New Year card for my brother and his wife. I already made my nieces and posted before. I used a pagoda embossing folder and a stamping up stamp for this card.

I'll post some more graduation scrapbook pages I finished later in the week. Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finally finished

The speech teachers wreath is finally finished...I worked on it Saturday and Sunday but took yesterday off... I still need to attach a red bow to the top but I added a little extra stickles that is still drying..The paper was from a specialty collection called recess that someone gave me. I but letters from the pooh font and the red glitter dots were from the clearance section at Michaels.. The speech teacher is a scrapper so she will appreciate the work that went into it.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Big sigh!!

I tried to etch my friends name into a red and white wine glass for her birthday on Monday... It has some bleeding so not the best attempt. I am going to go buy a back up gift tomorrow but give her these anyway since I am NOT Lori.. Next time I will practice on CHEAP wine glasses when I decide to try this again not expensive ones from Bed Bath and Beyond. Sigh..

Friday, January 6, 2012

Funny Story

Okay I have a funny story to share. The speech teacher at work keeps commenting on my classroom door wreaths this year.. Saying she is waiting for one. Well her room just got moved to the old music room and she is having a room warming party with her famous bean dip and snacks on Black Friday after our in-service. She made up invitations today for the staff and sent them out and it said nothing is needed but your presence unless you are .... my name.. she would of course welcome some wreaths for her classroom door.. So my weekend project is born. Off to get a wreath base tomorrow. That will determine the size of the largest rosettes. I have some "school themed" paper here that I will use with some solids and I am thinking a school themed wreath with the words speech welded hanging in the middle. Since we are a pre-k, k building I am thinking alphabet letters for the florets center embellishments. Lets see where my idea takes me..

No project from scrapping last night. I had a layout set to put together but my two good friends called and wanted help making baby shower invitations with a teapot flair ( Alice in Wonderland) so I spent the night cutting the shapes for them and showing them how to distress the invite parts with Tim Holts vintage photo ink.. They are gonna look unique. You pull tea bags out of the pot (tags cut tags bags, boxes and more) to get the shower invitation information. Nothing uniform about the patterns used on the teapots so they are all unique for the uniform solid base and teabag tags having from the pot that pull them all together in the color palate.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

snow wreath

This is my winter wreath for my classroom door. I used two different snowflake punches to create the edges on the rosettes. A fiskers and making memories. The snowflakes were cut from winter woodland and When its cold outside cricut cartridges.

Monday, January 2, 2012


This page in my daughters graduation book is about the more prominent speakers. My house is undecorated..yeah.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

And bye..bye... trees and decorations.. My daughter hates when I start putting stuff away. Me I am ready. Its been up since black friday week. First the big tree!!