Tuesday, September 11, 2012

yet 2 more flower cards

I promise these are the last flower cards for a while..LOL... Very busy with work and balancing making sure my mom and sister-in-law are okay... Both having a hard time which is to be expected...I had Back to School Night tonight. I came home and worked on a poster for my principal... I have to say I LOVE this guy!!! We had a terrible transition time between principals and this guy is a breath of fresh air... Young, enthusiastic, great innovative ideas, so much fun to go to work! Anyhow I digress yet again... His wife had a baby on Friday morning. The staff wants to present him with a basket on Thursday with baby goodies so I whipped out my Imagine to create a sign... It's drying with the stickles so I will take a picture tomorrow. Sadly I will not have my gift done by Thursday. I ran to ACMoore to get my mom yarn after school and came up with the idea that she should yet again make a sweater for me... LOL She loves to be busy,. Her legs don't work so good but her hands knit up a storm. Sadly she has said she doesn't know if she can do her jigsaw puzzles anymore. My brother Mike who passed would stop in maybe 3 times a week to chat and put a piece in her latest puzzle project. She can't seem to get herself to sit down and work on her puzzle right now. Who can blame her. She lost her son in less that 2 weeks from diagnosis of being sick.

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