Friday, January 14, 2011

no crafting friday

Sorry ... no crafting today.. exhausted after work.. Priced some area restaurants for a retiring secretaries retirement dinner. Hit Kohls with a 30 % coupon to buy a carpet cleaner to do my carpets and my moms... 139.00 on sale for 109.00... - 30% my kinda deal.. Now I just have to assemble that baby and test it out. My family room carpets had lots of accidents right before I had to put my poor Bernie down before Xmas..I spot cleaned them all with a spot cleaner but I think the whole carpet needs a good cleaning... I watched the Oprah OWM network premier I had DVR'd tonight.... She really is a master.. the aides story touched a cord because I had to keep secrets way back when to protect innocent kids and is scary that people are still afraid.

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