Friday, January 7, 2011

The First Gift of the Season layout

I always give my kids the first gift of the season on thanksgiving eve. Usually a movie or wii game.. This year they also gave me one(An led lighted Christmas tree for the front yard to replace the snow-globe blowup ((I do love snowglobes)) that was vandalized last year).. Sorry I covered the pictures but my kiddies hate when i post their pictures... I didn't want traditional Christmas colors since Thanksgiving was the next day. I want to say that I designed this on the gypsy one day and went back to cut and put layers on pages another.. NOTE to self.. write down the carts you are using the gifts from. I had the hardest time searching to find the right gifts on the right carts to cut the layers to go with the presents. (mental challenge) The second page still needs a little something but I will stare at if for a few days before I figure out what that it.

I Added the pictures to a Thanks giving layout last night but it was an inspiration layout so I don't feel right posting it as my own.

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