Thursday, January 27, 2011


A snow day and not one craft project completed.. hand shoveled the drive.. Wet heavy snow!!! My push blower was no match for it. My fab neighbor with an industrial snow thrower did my walk.. I need to kiss and buy presents for my moms two neighbors.. the single gentlemen on both sides joined forces and dug her our and put her paper at her door. God bless them.. She is 89 and I am trying to figure out what to do for her 90th on April 28th.. I am thinking an open house where people can drift in and out.

I cleaned, did the laundry I am in good shape. Heading to Atlantic City for an NJEA winter leadership conference overnight tomorrow after school. Should be home Saturday late afternoon and now I have no guilt cause the house is all caught up.

Been reading the free friday download for the nook from last Friday all evening.. Hope to snuggle in my hotel room tomorrow night after workshops and finish it.. LOL ... in AC and reading a book. I hate gambling!

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