Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year

Well I hope my 2011 will be better than my New Years Day.. New Years Eve I was the designated driver for my daughter and about 5 of her college friends that went to a New Years party at the Landmark Americana... A sports bar in town, college oriented since I live in a college town. My daughter and her friends do not go to the local college but all live in South Jersey and go to a Delaware college. I drove them all, dropped them off and picked them all up at 2:30 am. They all slept at my house. I figure kids are gonna have fun so I might as well keep them safe. They were all 21...

I got about 4 hours sleep tops.. I get up and start undecorating the tree.. takes a while. Pull boxes all over the house to undecorate and my mom calls.. She has had bronchitis and says she is woozy.. (Whats that??) She is 89 so off to the ER we go.. for 11 hours. After 1 am we get out of the ER, go to the 24 hour Mc Donald's to feed her. Get her home and tucked in . ( She will not stay with me) I get in bed by like 2:30 and set my alarm for 8.. Does not go off. (Thanks iphone glitch!!!) I get up at 9 and spend all day trying to finish taking down 2 trees, garland everywhere, decorations etc.. to get the house back together before work tomorrow. I finish around 5 working non-stop! Have dinner ready for when my daughter gets home from work. Whewwwww I will be going to bed shortly. The outside decorations will have to wait till the rain stops and it all dry off.

Hasn't been the best holiday vacation with everyone sick and the snowstorm but, it is what it is and we were all together as a family when it happened so life is good.

Hope my phone wakes me tomorrow.. Hope life slows down an bit and I can finish the 2 layouts I designed and cut this week.

My daughter leaves Thursday for her final semester of college. I simply cannot believe that she is this old and my youngest is graduating in a few months!!! Oh my!!!

Hope to be crafting maybe tomorrow night or Tuesday.. After work tomorrow is the back to college SAMS run! I will get my ck book ready!

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