Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wedding planner

Okay I used this site:
to help me plan what I was going to do.

I used the titles suggested. I only have the title page glued down but all the letters are cut ready to go for the other titles listed on the site...example: invitations & thank you's etc. I used apple chancery font 144 pt to cut the letters on my silhouette.  The flower on this title page is not attached. I am just kinda laying out embellishment ideas.

My idea is to have each section in a binder with blanks pages behind for the bride to add her planning. I saw these Martha Stewart tags to add to the side of the title page for each section at staples the other day I think will work great.. got lots of gluing and embellishing to get done for June 9th!

My daughter picked out the pages and some of the flower embellishments that we will roll with when assembling.

Movers to arrive tomorrow 7 am to move my son... Gosh I am so happy for him. People keep saying are you sad? Well .. no not! I feel happy for him! He was out on his own, had a set back with a layoff and I am just so thankful that he is back out on his own. That is what good parenting is about. Launching our kiddies to be independent. YES I am happy that he is closer to visit now. Do I still not like the drive to his new place??? affirmative but mommy will tackle the Schuylkill expressway to see her kiddo.. with clenched hands etc..

BTW I really do just need to get in the car and trust my GPS more often.

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