Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blog update

Okay memorial day was unseasonably warm here but just a pleasure to spend time with family and relax. It was wonderful. I  am posting a picture of me in all my fat glory with my kids and my mom at the parade. I am what I am! My mom is shrinking and I am growing but I look just like her and have the same build she did unfortunately... I will say it again, my allergist wants me to lose weight and this will be the summa about me! I have fussed with the my son for 2 years out of work living home. He is moving Friday. My daughter is settled in a job and it is time I try to move past all my losses of the winter. This summer is about learning to cook right again and being a healthy eater. I used to be really good at this and it is so easy to fall into terrible eating habits.

Last night was a scholarship fundraiser at the Camden River sharks.... Ugh down poured... rain delay so didn't stay till the end of the game but what a neat park to take a family. I highly recommend. Just watch out for fly balls.. wozers they come right at you. Got home and it was dry as a bone. Funny how thunder storms follow such narrow tracks.

Tired tonight but planning in my head a wedding planner book that I need done in 2WEEKS! yes my daughter asked for one for her friends engagement party. Yes when my son is moving and my time is short with the end of the year but I feel it is a TEST... You like him more than me mommy I will start on this book and get something going to prove mommy does love you each the same in your own special way!!! Ha its what I always tell them even though I also add sometimes you each might need me more at one time or another it balances out.

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