Sunday, June 3, 2012

Move is complete

How stinkin cute is this adorable place... This picture was taken before my son actually moved in. It was the day he picked up the key from the landlord. Brand new refurbished place. The movers took all his stuff on Friday. Saturday we spent ALL day there. I cleaned all the cabinets and basically set up the kitchen. Cleaned the bathroom and got it set up, and unpacked all the linens etc. He spend hours putting together his entertainment center. He came home again last night and then left this am with his last load of odds and ends.. Sigh.. I will miss him terribly but this is what we raise kids to be, independent. At least he is closer. I just wish I didn't have to drive the schuylkill to see him... I am not good on those kind of roads. I clench the wheel with my hands.

I have to get back to crafting tomorrow. I have a wedding planner book to finish by Saturday. Today I had to clean MY house and get all the laundry caught up. I hate the dogs massive shedding this time of year. It got out of control with all the packing boxes around the house the last week.

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