Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ugly Card

I decided to come clean and post my moms ugly birthday card.... The birthday mat was cut so many times on different kinds of paper you can't believe. When I finally got it cut well by making a bigger card I put those ugly numbers on it.... Just overall disappointing but you live and learn in crafting. Its what I get for waiting till the day of her birthday to try to come up with something good. Too much pressure!! My problem is I picked the pattern paper first and worked the other colors around it. I just put the pattern paper in the wrong spot and the 91 did not need to consume the card for goodness sakes.

Busy week again but tonight before a church meeting I did get to cut lots of pieces to work on rainbow cards tomorrow night. I am making about 20 invitations for special guests to the dedication of the outdoor space in honor of my good friend Linda. I will be using the create a critter rainbow with purples because purple was her favorite color.

Have to get in bed... I have a terrible headache between the pollen and now the rain.

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