Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I feel like this is me!

I am actually home tonight by 6:45. My daughter left for work and I have some printed pictures to scrap and I can't calm my body to get the paper pulled and organized. So I sit here with a glass of wine trying to unwind my body and am updating my gypsy and Imagine  through cricut sync.

BTW... Does anybody else find they never get the cricut newsletters and hello thursday emails? They have a real problem because I sign up and resign up since 2007 and I rarely ever get anything on a consistent basis.

I hope this crafting mental block lifts soon. I know it will. Things are just gonna be crazy for a while. My son found an apartment. His lease starts on June 1st. Hello not a time of the year to expect my help. Every school day is scheduled from now until the last day on the 15th of June and there are no personal days in my future. Then I leave for DC on June 27th for 9 days. In the mean time my daughter has staked a claim on his room of 22 years since we have lived here. Its bigger and she decided his shrine will be gone.. Who knew that he would have such emotional ties to us completely planning on stripping his childhood room and converting it.

Ughh I think my gypsy just locked up and is now not working from trying to update. Life is never dull its all I gots to say!

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