Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WOW What a difference a day makes

I was feeling frazzled and stressed yesterday. Today could not be running more smoothly... Great day at work with the kids, initiations for the character garden mailed or ready for interoffice mail tomorrow and they started laying out the bricks for the garden today and it looks wonderful. Its all about perspective and knowing tomorrow is another day and you can start over.

The attached picture is the 30 invitations I made. The Rainbow is symbolic for a couple reasons. First we have a school song called the Rodgers Rainbow Children and some of the words say like the colors of the rainbow we are shining everyday. The other portion is the very next day after we heard about our dear friend Linda's tragic death, a rainbow appeared over our school the next morning. Honestly it is how I got through that day knowing that she was looking down on us. The little stickles are because she always liked bling and I had to put some on there :-) Oh and I almost forgot the inclusion of purple is because it was her favorite color.

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