Monday, May 21, 2012

Duh on the headaches

I kept thinking they were the weather and pollen and they may have started that way but.... NOT.

But let me back track. Thursday night I finished the 30 cards and addressed all the envelopes for the dedication space at work. Waiting for the person writing the inside to give it to me. I wanted to mail tomorrow but I guess that will not happen.  I also tried to catch up some of my happy book. Not completely but almost there.

Friday stressful day at work.. More in dealing with my members as this year I tackled being union president. It really is a thankless job sometimes but I try to always focus on the positive and how it helps people get a fair shake and I am good with that.

Saturday I met my high school friend from PA again. She was coming to go to the Pitman craft show with her mom. ( I am so happy that she is coming out more... she is still dealing with the loss of her son but she has a deep faith helping her work through her grief) Last Saturday we saw that Glassboro Market Place was having a 14 local winery wine fest so I bought us tickets. Well is was sunny and hot and I was soooo tired when she dropped me at home around 3:15 I thought I need a nap. I woke up with the shivers and a 101 temp...  I think I am in love with the virtua intermediate care place. And I am so ever grateful each and everyday for my health insurance. I went to virtua and ck'd in at 9:05 Sunday am. I was out of there at 9:45. I got antibiotics for a sinus infection and meds for the wheeze that was starting in my chest. Cut it off at the pass and got it all in my system so I did not have to miss work today with a fever waiting to see the doctor for a well appointment after 2 PM today.... YEAH!

I really feel that once I got myself run down last fall with all the emotional losses I have just caught EVERYTHING!!!

I do not think in all the years since I have been scrapping and card making I have been this behind. I spent tonight sending off prints to snapfish and creating some Kerri Bradford templates to print. I need some more photo paper so have to do a staples run. Also... I really need a better quality home photo printer if I am going to print these templates. I am starting the research.

I have been sticking to my use what you have before buying lately... I made all 30 invitations with paper from my stash. Yeah... I am trying to stick with buying solid papers that only match my projects by the sheet. I get sucked in to the multi colored packs but only use one or two of the colors.

Well that is what I have been up to in a nutshell....

Oh one last thing. I told my friend about my happy book.. She said I need one of those so I think I am going to start using my coupons and buy her a smash book and supplies to go with it. I  explained that if she was having a bad day she could pick up the book and relive the happy events going on in her life. I think this is something she needs... I can't imagine losing my child. Her son was the same age as my daughter.. 22. I know that I have had too many personal losses in the last 8 months to count some that I get up everyday and feel the loss of. When I am down my happy book really helps me be thankful for all that I have and all the special friends and family still here to share it with.

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