Wednesday, May 16, 2012

mid-week update

I worked in my yard like 4.5 hours on Sunday planting my annuals, cannas and calla lilies.. still not done. Slept with the windows open Sunday night and have been stuffed with sinus headaches ( some days turning into migraines) daily ever since. Zapping my energy. Don't cha just love spring. Tonight did get in the craft room for a few to cut the few remaining rainbow images I need to finish my 30 rainbow invitations. Tomorrow night final assembly and address the envelopes hopefully if my allergies let me.

I am hoping for a break in this humid air tonight for a good nights sleep and a headache free day tomorrow. Haven't had a spell like this in a LOOONNNNGGGG time. I used to get headaches and migraines all the time but have been spared the last few years.

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