Sunday, May 27, 2012


Gonna be a bumpy ride here for the next few weeks but I will craft when I can. My son is moving out next Friday. Sigh.. bitter sweet. He is a kind gentle soul and I love him dearly but.... it is time for him to find himself and get back out on his own. Good news is he will be closer this time. He is moving to Conshohocken PA which is closer than when he lived in Brooklyn. I am just so happy for him to get back on his feet since he was out of work so long. It is actually almost a 2 year anniversary of him having to move home when his lease was up in nyc and he had lost his job. Gosh... I am so proud of him and hope that life works out for him this time. I truly believe if you are a good person good things will happen to you...Notice I don't say money things cause we all know money doesn't by happiness. As long as he pays his bills and lives within in his means I'm happy!

Speaking of happy I caught up my happy book today. Here are just 2 of the pages. I also worked on my sons b-day layout tonight but it is not quite done.

So my house is boxes everywhere from my son packing which means I might get my garage back. Its had his apartment stuff for 2 years.. It will take time to sort, end of school year, then off to NEA... Hey it's my happy life and I wouldn't trade it because crazy is better than not living.

Happy Memorial Day... A day to honor my Uncle Donald Kenneth Mick who died during WW2. My dad carried in his wallet to the day he died the letter he received  from my gram telling him his brother had been killed in action. My oldest brother is named after him.

I almost forgot that I used Kerri Bradford 4X6 picture templates to create the photo collages for the happy/smash book.

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