Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Working on layouts

Okay so I am trying to work on some Christmas Eve layouts and I am making this way to hard for myself.... I think that the block is trying to use the Kerri Bradford story templates to incorporate more pictures but not make every layout look exactly the same.... Sigh.. wish I could say that I recognized my own style but I don't. Been scrapping for what 4 or 5 years now and it is always a learning process and I can't say this is my style. I so have to say that I am still coveting the silhouette cameo.... I just feel like I want the font capabilities of that machine for my layouts. Sigh.. at this point I kinda figure I will get one... just a matter of the weak moment to give in. Not there yet with some looming home improvements needed.

Still adjusting to the time change.. Sigh I am such a creature of habit and routine. Still recovering with a chronic cough.. If it doesn't improve 100% I have to face the fact that there was a new addition to our family late last spring.. I love the bugger...but maybe Mickey... My cockatiel friend who came on board has contributed to my health issues.... BIG sigh not ready to got there yet.

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