Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not scrappin tonight

It is sooo hot here 80 something today and it just feels unnatural. Everybody is lovin it I think but me. Too hot too fast. My lawn needs to be cut and the annuals are growing before I can mulch!! Anyhow since its this hot I left work and got a pedicure.... Such a treat!!! Open toed shoes tomorrow!! My friend recommended this place last summer that gives the BEST foot and leg massages EVER... They never rush and you leave feeling so relaxed.

No scrappin tonight. Everyone is scattered with things to do and it is giving me a chance to catch up on some of the laundry. Normally I am a big weekend laundry person but with this upcoming weekend being so busy tonight it is a bonus to get a little ahead.

In between loads I worked on some cuts for my bulletin board. I think last year or the year before I made this welcome spring bulletin board that I am recycling.. I laminated the pieces cause they were tons of work. Well I tonight I cut a few new little things to add to it to give it a fresh look. I used the Paisley Cart and Bubblegum Stripes Imagine cart. I used regular solid color paper for the big cuts.. .the bugs are cut at 3" and the frog at 3.5. For the smaller cuts instead of loading all those little pieces of paper I thought I will print and cut. Then once I started I added a few patterns as well. Stickles added to a few of the cuts.

YES I finished all my homework last night. Took a couple of hours but got all 5 chapters read highlighted and flagged :-)

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