Monday, March 12, 2012

Complaining post no crafting.

I just have to say that I hate springing forward on the clocks!...The children come in tired off schedule and are not themselves. On top of that with my years of teaching experience the time change is the beginning of the downfall for the kids. They stay outside later playing... spring sports start. The reality is their bedtimes get pushed later and later and then I get poor tired puppies during the day that are not well rested and ready to learn. The worst part is I do believe they need all that hearty playing, and sports to build rounded kids.... Its just so hard when there are standards you have to push for. I have been around long enough to see the pendulum swing back and forth so many times. I wish just once it would stop in the middle.

Happy Monday.. No crafting tonight .. I had a 30% off coupon for Kohls so my daughter and I hit there after my ck up at the docs... I am turning the tide with the asthma/bronchitis thing...( she woke today finally recovered from what she had) I hope this time is the ticket. I got some spring shirts for work and my daughter bought a keurig for the house that was on sale with my 30% off. She will pay me back ( I have to put on my charge for the discount) as I have a working coffee maker and I don't buy new till the old breaks. She wants the convenience so she will pay for it. I did buy the adapter to use my regular ground coffee in it. I love my coffee I buy and it is cheaper to use the adapter....:-)

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