Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hump Day

I made 6 of these last night. I think sweet treats font and mostly papertrey ink paper. Swiss dots cuddlebug. I also picked 4 birthday cards from my stash. I am donating all of them for a raffle at work. We raffle off things every Wednesday to help raise money for an outdoor space we want to create to honor our dear friend Linda that was killed by a drunk driver.

Saw Hunger Games last night with my daughter and her friend. LOVED it. I am a big reader and I love series books!!!

Next bit of news. My credit card was compromised. When I was activating my new card the guy said you have lots of points. I don't really get what they are but it turns out I got 500 dollars put in my cking account(turns out using that card to put all my hotels and airfare when I go to NEA conferences has really banked up the points).. Well I consider that gift money so I ordered the silhouette... Yeah and I still have money to put in the bank.... I cleared a space for it last night. I suspect this software will have quite the learning curve but I am looking forward to the fonts.

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  1. Hi Char! I thought I would come visit your blog. I too went to the Hunger games with my daughter (who is 26yrs old) and her friends. Yes, we did the midnight show. It ended at 2:30 A.M. and I had a 1 1/2 hour drive home! Saw bed at 4:30 and had to get up for an 8 hour seminar at 7:00.A.M. It was a long day. But I am glad you got your new toy, the silhouette! How fun. Always fun to get new scrapping toys. I just finished up with Tim Holtz's Chenistry 101 online classes. They were great and very inspiring! Also, I finally took the plunge and opened an etsy store! I would love for you to come visit it and send your friends too!