Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Okay so I haven't crafted in days and I am in withdraw!!!! Here are a few pictures of my smash book. I have to say that I work with the best group of people ever! These aren't even all of the silliness we had at the 31 party.... ( we try to have like monthly or 6 weekly (is that even a term?) get togethers. I think since we lost our dearest friend Linda we find comfort in one another) I used Terri Bradford photo templates to create the collages to print all the photos. When I photograph the next 2 page you will see the rest. I have the pictures printed from Cape May on Saturday to add but they aren't in here yet.

I went to see the documentary Miss Representation yesterday. It was so inspiring. My county Ed office bought the rights to show it in their office. I recommend anyone who has a young daughter to go see the film to help raise a generation of girls who view the world a little different and aspire to be more.

My county office is offering free viewings for schools and towns who are interested.

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