Saturday, February 18, 2012

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My former work friend and current church friend Darlene is a children's author and I wanted to share her blog link:

Me... this week I did lots of napping after work, as you can read I made it to hobby lobby but on Friday I suffered... barely making it through my inservice at school I felt so bad. I really know my body and I DO KNOW I should have called the doctor but with Friday's inservice being on a holiday weekend it would have created complications at work.. Blah, blah, ... I ignored the increasing coughing which is how my asthma many times manifests itself. Any how, couldn't sleep all night. Got up early and researched... I went to the Voorhees Express Intermediate care center and I am in LOVE with them... treated my asthma, in, out and they have a pharmacy right next door.... Gave me scripts and I am already feeling on the road to recovery so the whole weekend is not lost and I didn't spend 6 hours in the er for medication when my doctors office is closed.

Almost done a scrapbook page from this afternoon. Waiting for things to dry... Spent the day sleeping with some mild crafting.

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