Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am loving my smash book. I can tell you that post-it notes and cell phone camera's are making it possible to remember to document things. Project Life seems to be the new it thing... Funny that I had decided to record fun outings etc in my daily life with my smash book before I heard about the project life kits. I think a smash book is the way to go for me because I don't want to be confined to those pockets. I also think it funny that on my own the last two summers I used a similar system to get all my photos in pockets and add little pocket scrapbooking notes along the way to record trips where I wanted ALL the photos in for memories and it would be impossible to scrapbook.

My daughters final page is designed and needs to be assembled tomorrow night at scrapbooking. I took the album apart and added the extra pages. ( Have I mentioned how much I hate to do this?? I always stab myself with the screw driver somehow.)

I still need to get at least 2 more Valentine cards made.. work is never done.. LOL

Oh and I got my desk space cleaned & organized. Lets see how long that last.....

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