Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gonna be gone for a few days..

I am off tomorrow for some training. Will not be back until late Thursday evening... Hoping to fit in walking and also enjoy the socials they plan in the evenings... :-) I got nothing done crafting wise today as my sis-in-law called and needed a day away from home so that was what was important to me.. BBQ.. hot tub conversations... Oh and I made some fab bruschetta and homemade salsa with some nice jersey fresh tomatoes... The salsa had fresh jalapenos in there. YUM I love family time.. So glad she and my brother came over. We even kidnapped my mom and brought her over.. I loved seeing my son show my mom how to play solitaire on my ipad.. She loves solitaire and took over the ipad for the rest of her visit. :-) I tired to teacher her how to boot up a computer a few years ago and work it.. An Ipad she can handle at 90.

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