Thursday, August 4, 2011

another all season tree

I colored this all season tree yesterday before heading out to see Harry Potter with my children (okay 20 somethings but still my kiddies). We went to Cherry Hill for the IMAX 3-D version. Made a day out of by going to Cheesecake factory and Wegmans. YUM! Any how I colored the bulbs with assorted copic colors and then put crystal lacquer on the to make them look shiny like bulbs. I drew the cord to attach the bulbs to one another free hand with a 0.03 black copic multi liner.

I am going to make my own fun today... I was going to head to gardens in Cape May Courthouse with my kiddies but it is gloomy outside. I actually had my am walk rained out for the 1st time all summer this morning. My Thursday night scrappin friends all have other summer fun going on and will not make it tonight so it will be just me scrappin at home tonight instead of church. With that in mind I am going to head to the DMV to renew the drivers license and some how accidentally (hehehe that's my line to my kids and I'm stickin to it) come home past Micheal's with the album to scrap my Chicago pictures. (I need a break from the graduation album. Not feelin it so will come back to it when I am inspired.)

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