Tuesday, August 16, 2011

dry spell

I have had a terrible dry spell with crafting.. Yes it was summer, yes it was my kids moving home but I have to tell you that I come in here and I stare at my supplies with no inspiration which is so not like me. I decided to analyze why today and I came up with a few...Worry that my poor son in unemployed for a year and a half now. Over educated and under experienced. It is so hard to keep him positive since he moved home.. He has an MBA for goodness sakes!!! Next my daughter graduated in a field that looked good entering college and now in my area is a no gooo She has a BSN in nursing and graduated with honors but she makes hoagies for money. Then there is the whole painting I have been planning of my craft room all summer.. Oh my there is so much stuff to move out to start. It is my craft room, my computer room, sewing room, bookshelf room, bill paying room.. You get the picture. I think that the fact that I have the painting hanging on my head is the big craft inhibitor.. so today I looked at the calendar and planned it out. Hehehe,, this I do well. I have something every day that disrupts the process this week. So tomorrow is buy the paint since I am driving past the store to take my mom to the kidney doc. Friday in empty the room and Spackle... Saturday and Sunday walls. (after church on Sunday) Tuesday trim cause my mom has a regular doc appointment on Monday. (She has had 4 in two weeks, God bless her at 90)

Anyway with all this said... I decided to use a sketch tonight to get me back in the crafting frame of mind. I have to say that I feel honored to represent my local school union for the county for the state at the national education association conference. I know today that teachers can be a dirty word but I am proud to be one and part of NJEA/NEA.

I used BoBunny paper from CKC, Plantin School book for the circles, elegant edges for the border, and Independence day for the 4th of July. Misc,. buttons from my stash. I have to say that I bought the uniball signo pen at CKC and I think it works much better on textured paper than the gelly roll.

Long post.. I am not a typist.. know as soon as I post it I will see the typos that I can't now! LOL!

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