Wednesday, August 24, 2011

craft room set up

Well I am back on my IMAC and the craft room is set up but not without difficulties.. I was attempting to slide a 6ft shelf packed with albums and craft supplies and it broke.... lets just say it sent me over the edge. I should have emptied the thing first. The bookshelf is toast and went out in the trash.. (ha maybe the earth quake weakened it yesterday..hahahahaha) My son had an ikea unit in storage in my garage so I took it. Lets just say it helped pay his rent for the last 14 months he has lived here.. LOL... It added hours to sorting to what I could part with so that I could get things back in the room... I have a problem with what to do with photo albums... I have faithfully kept everything in a photo album since high school and college in the 70"s.. I am afraid to put them in the basement because of dampness.. For now they are on the unit but really I should free up space for other things. I am parting with tons of cookbooks I never look at and novels that were on the other shelf.. Lets just saying seeing all my cricut carts taken off the old shelf and put in drawers of the new unit were an eye opener to how many I have... LOL!
I am really, really tired and lifted stuff way over my weight limit (from a surgery not supposed to lift more than 25 pounds) today. I just got out of the hot tub. It really stinks getting older.. I feel every day of my 55 today and I usually don't!
Gonna go enjoy a glass of wine and recalibrate my Imagine machine from having moved it.

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  1. I can't wait to see your finished craft room!! Enjoy your glass of wine:) Yummy