Friday, September 24, 2010

update on layouts

I printed and cut all the pieces for 1, 2 page layout from last night. This layout is all Imagine. It is not popped or adhered yet so can't take a picture. Experimenting with the Imagine takes some time. I used some Georgia Pacific card stock on the smaller cuts tonight and found out two things. It is thicker than the white value pack from ACMoore I bought the other night and I think the colors are more vibrant on it. I should have gotten the HSN high quality bazzill 12 X 12 but alas it is sold out. The other thing I learned was that it was not cutting all the way through and I turned up the blade and it still did not cut all the way through and then I had an aha moment.. Pressure. Where is the pressure setting on the Imagine? It is not a manuel setting like on the expression and it doesn't remind you to ck the pressure like on the gypsy so beware! I also cut a few more pieces for another layout. Tomorrow night after much yard work I will switch to the expression to complete my layouts as the designs are all planned on the gypsy and that is not Imagine friendly yet.

Oh I realized tonight how gypsy dependent I have become because I had the hardest time sizing things to fit my page on the Imagine. I am so used to using the gypsy and sizing it to the mat on screen and cutting I have been spoiled. It is hit or miss again with the Imagine until it can work with the gypsy.

Also, I was extremely disappointed that they put out an Imagine update today but it was only windows friendly. Thank goodness that I could use my work laptop to update. I sincerely hope that they do not continue with the MAC users being left behind. Not fair as that was never mentioned in the information presented about the Imagine.

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