Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today is 9/11 hard to believe it has been so long and I do wonder what we learned from it all with all this nonsense in the news with media grabbing extremist on both sides. What happened to tolerance and love thy neighbor?

Sorry no crafting posts since last weekend. I am still adjusting to back to school and I started with a trainer on Tuesday and I have been sooo sore. ( I have been slowly regaining the 25 pounds I lost last winter and I am determined to stop it and get in a nice healthy range for my height) When I have had time to craft I designed 3 layouts on my gypsy. Now this weekend I need to find the time to pick out the paper to cut them. HUMMM if I had an imagine I could pick out the colors while I designed. I am making a list of reasons to buy vs not buy since it is so much money. On one hand I tell myself I don't need it. On the other I tell myself that life is too short and paper crafting brings me such joy I should get it and spread out the payments.

Alas, I did not win the cricut circle Labor Day layout contest but it was fun to participate. My style is very simple and some of the ladies who entered had amazingly creative detailed projects. I can't hold a candle to them but I still enjoy what I do.

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