Sunday, September 12, 2010


I went to church this am and then visited my sis-in-law who had major knee surgery on Tuesday. My son and I hit Sports Authority after so I could get sweat bands and some workout gear. I really do sweat like a guy! Must be those 4 brothers I have. LOL When I got home I had lunch then made a quick wedding card for a friend using Stretch Your Imagination. Sorry I didn't take a picture but I used metallic paper and I think it turned out nice. I really do love the baby and wedding card on that cart. I think they are timeless when used with the right paper. Okay I hit the gym after that so I reached my goal of at least 3 times in one week building to 4. The trainer and I need to have a talk. I need a session where we just work on setting me up on the machines for when I don't have him. These machines are not the same as my old gym and I need help with them. My money.. My rules on Tuesday. It took me days to recover from my training session, wow I am out of shape. I have to share that I saw a woman at the gym today that looked to be in my age range..I am 54.. She was amazing. If only I could achieve half of what she was doing I would be good. Goal is to be comfortably ( I say this cause I just got in the healthy range in the spring when I lost 25 pounds and regained 11 so am slightly out again which increases blood pressure , etc. ) in the healthy range for my weight and to be here for my kids for a long time since they can't count on dad. Visited a dear friend after the gym.

After making dinner and watching the Eagles loose I have been drooling over Imagine videos, catching up on my blogs and trying to pick out paper combinations for the layouts I have designed.

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