Sunday, April 10, 2011

Imagine observation

Okay I am a day late and a dollar short but tonight is the first opportunity I had to design on my gypsy using the imagine update.. It really is just like working on the imagine. You cannot move images around on the mat yet and sizing when doing layers is guess work because of it. The other thing is that they have not yet fixed the calibration problem . When you cut the top layer on the mat all is good.. every sweep down on the mat the calibration is off more and more on the cuts. So designing a page full of cuts still is not good cause you have to recut them anyway. The other bug that I ran into was the pressure.. As soon as it happened I remembered reading this. Even if your machine is set at 5 you must change the pressure on your gypsy to cut above a level 3.. Needless to say.. I have cut images to create a card 3 and 4 times for some layers working out the bugs on this and the card is not done but I am getting there. It's all good and part of the learning process. Can't tell you how much paper I wasted in 2007 when I got my expression.

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