Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Imagine Card

How come some cards you just whip out and others.... We this was one of the others. I printed all the imagine parts on Sunday night and Monday night started to put it together.. Then I decided it needed inking, then stickles, then I didn't like the top so I tied on twine... Tuesday night took off the twine and last night tried adding the lace. Still not lovin it.. Oh well. I am moving on to other card projects tomorrow. I got Everyday POP up cards in the mail today.. Wish I could play tonight but I have school work to do Boo Hoo...

On a non-crafting note I wanted to share a really great thing that happened today.. An aide in the district where I teach came around and gave every teacher a 100 dollar gift card to help with all the materials that we buy out of pocket to supplement. Her mother had recently passed away and she made a donation of some kind to every school in the district in her mothers memory.. Wow wasn't that just the nicest thing ever.. We are so often vilified in our state at this time as the root of all the budget woos it was a nice gesture..


  1. I laughed at how it is taking so long to make this card. I just got done with a wedding card and I re-stamped and put paper over bad stamping and then cut out another piece to stamp over that stamp! It was like the never ending card project! I don't have an Imagine but I am sure I would still struggle with my finished project. P.S. I do like all the textures in your card!

  2. Great card! I love the lace. I have left a blog award for you on my blog.