Monday, April 25, 2011

The big launch

Oh my... I had such a hard time sleeping last night.. Had words with my 21 year old... I finally told her stop... Lets go to bed and wake up tomorrow without trying to take back more words we didn't mean.. I know she is under the gun. Final exams to graduate from college this week but I do draw the line as mommy and I drew it last night.. Whew... She left today.

Any hooo.. Yeah tonight is the big launch for the expression II.. I need to nap to get up and watch it. Is is soo unseasonably warm here. What the heck happened to spring. I slept with the windows open last night and sneezed all day.

I washed my deck.. Simple green, brush and hose. It really needs a power wash but we just need to get buy for Saturday. My son scrubbed all the old lawn chairs and table. It will need a pollen wash off the day of but we are making head way.

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