Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bunny card

Okay I worked on more flowers tonight for the table arrangements.. Got stressed when my daughter called from college and said she had a car accident.. Good news nobody hurt. The car can be fixed (hopefully) and all will be fine. You have to look at the big picture. I am so proud that she handled everything so well by herself since I am almost 2 hours away. ( I was ready to jump in the car and start driving)

Coloring with copics is VERY calming for me so it was a good night to practice coloring with my copics.. This card was the result..

I ordered more copics today from They are the best price I can find and now that I am using them I know what color areas I need to fill in..

I also made a papertrey ink order today for more card base cardstock, some matching ribbon and a stamp set.. I will be waiting impatiently for my orders to arrive..

Chuckle.. Can you tell I got my income tax return... : )


  1. Super cute card! I love the idea of the copics, but haven't used them yet. Glad your daughter is ok-that's all that matters. Have fun with your $, I'm sure you deserve it!!

  2. i love this bunny card, your colors are great! glad your daughter is ok!