Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday night

I had hoped that I would get to scrap with my daughter tonight her 2 page spread needed for her sorority scrapbook at college but alas we ran out of time. ( I bought Forever Young Cartridge with just this in mind. ) We have been running since she got home. Yesterday picking up my son, stopping at the cherry hill mall to get her a dress for the nursing honor society induction at college and then out to dinner with my mom. Today we did the spring yard clean up at my moms to prep for mulch next week, went shopping, and met up with good family friends for a mani-pedi. (s0 much fun Gillian, Channon, and Bean.. my daughters best before birth friend and her mom and grand mom<< HAHAHAH we worked together when expecting so we say that. ) Tonight I made my sons belated birthday cake for tomorrow. (He lives in Brooklyn and he has had a red velvet cake for every one of his 25 years ) My kids died eggs with their gram who is about to turn 89 in a few weeks. I want to wish everyone a blessed Easter. He is Risen.. He is Risen Indeed. BTW I know I have like 2 followers but that is okay because I love putting my voice out there anyway.

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