Saturday, April 24, 2010

Explosion Box

Yesterday on Momo's Fav Friday I saw an explosion box by Canadian Nickel Scrap'n. I loved it. My mom's 89th birthday is Wednesday so she is either getting this one then or on Mother's Day. I finally got to use this really pretty Amy Butler paper pack from K&company. I also got to use some of the really pretty ribbon and a flower from Christina's give-a-way that I won.


  1. Sherry that I beautiful. I bought a kit to make something like this... my plan was to use it with Jackie's wedding photos.... but of course I never did. Big plans, bad follow thru. Story of my life. You should open it up and let us see the inside!!

  2. Hey Karen, the inside is about 45% done. I ordered some more prints from snapfish today so I can complete it. I will finish everything but pix's by tomorrow. Gotta walk away from it for a while right now.